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Gremlins Squished on a Rest Day

Today was the day! My first real outdoor run - on my rest day.

Yesterday I did my usual gym session: treadmill run with some hills and fast walking thrown in for good measure for about 45 minutes followed by upper torso and arm strength work and leg presses and extensions etc. followed by a mile and a bit walk home. At first I thought I'd overdone it because a muscle in my left thigh started twinging soon after I started walking home but I kept going and it went away. I felt great and looking forward to a well earned rest day when Mrs S announced out of the blue "I want to start running tomorrow".

Now, as my many followers will know, I have had a hang up about running outside for some time so in a way I was looking forward to taking Mrs S out and getting her into the ways of Laura and week 1 of the programme but that was not to be.

Independant minded Mrs S decided that a 5 minute warm up walk wasn't needed so a gentle stroll up the incline outside our mansion it was followed by a 1 minute jog. After a 2 minute recovery walk ("any more is boring") we did another jog and repeated the cycle together a total of 5 times. The walk up the considerable incline was to be the warm down walk but I decided to complete the 6th jog and did.

To say I am over the moon is an understatement. Not only can I run outdoors but Mrs S did remarkably well. I can see more joint escapades coming up and the pair of us will benefit from it together. (Just need to see how I get on tomorrow by myself!)

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well done to you both, but dont forget that the warm up walk is there for a reason!!


I know but Mrs independent is the boss! !!!!!!!


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