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Vertically challenged v distance covered??

As I was running today I caught site of how short my legs are, well my total height of 5 ft 2" on a good day is pretty short and I started wondering about times and distance covered. Do short people have to go faster to get the same distance covered I know when I am out walking with my mum and she is walking quite comfortably I have to do a slow joggy sort of thing to keep up as her legs are so much longer than mine. Just wondering about it all.

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Thats intetesting as i think on those lines myself! I am 5.2 tall, my son is 6.2 tall. I have shory legs, he doesnt! I take two running strides to his one stride......we've measured it! I think it takes me more energy to cover same distance as i have to expend double the number of steps. His longer strides mean he covers ground quicker than me. My 5k time is 46 mins (I will get a bit quicker I hope). His 5k time is just under 22 mins!

Im sure there is some science that will demonstate if longer legs and strides ensure faster times, it would be interesting to know.

Either way i am a runner yeahhhhhh. A slow 5k is as far as a fast 5k🏃🏻😀


Hmmm! Yep, think we little people have to work harder to cover the same ground 😔 Should mean we are fitter though surely 😁


There's nothing you can do about your height so don't sweat it. Save your energy for your running. Accentuate the positive I say

Good luck with your running. Have fun!


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