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I completed run3 of week 4 last night. I used a pedometer to try and track how far i had run and it showed 2.55k, does anyone know if this is a reasonable distance for the week i am on or is it desperately slow!!!!!

I am not worried about the distance and realize the reading may not be that accurate, but it would be interesting to know how i compare to other people. Thanks.


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  • I'm (very) cautiously posting this, because I wouldn't want to come across as saying "you're slow" - it's just that to me, the maths doesn't quite add up...

    Now, my maths might be out, so please excuse me, but if you're including the warm up/down walks, week 4 is 5+3+1.5+5+2.5+3+1.5+5+5 = 31m30s

    One typically uses something around 5 km/h as a rule of thumb for hiking (in boots, with a rucksack) and you're in trainers and running for just over half of the time. At 5km/h, you'd be doing 2.5km in the 30 minutes. That's why, to me, 2.55k just seems a bit short - I'd be questioning the pedometer - I think you're probably doing more like 3.5km. (I have a GPS watch, but didn't have it back when I was doing week 4, so I've nothing to compare to, only 'doing the math').

    What is the pedometer? Presumably it just measures number of footfalls, it's not GPS is it? Stride length then comes into play. Try walking out for 5 or ten minutes - see what distance it gives you. Then run back the same route to the start point and see what distance it gives you then...

    Edit: of course, if you've just finished week 4, CONGRATULATIONS! You're doing great - don't worry about week 5 - you can do it - it's all in the head - just don't go too fast and keep breathing nice and deep/slow. ;)

  • Even if it is accurate you still did a good job...speed will come....as long as you are giving yourself a workout you are doing fine....i was the exact same way. Good Job!!!

  • I've got a pedometer but when I use it and then check the run against Google map the two don't match up. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Just keeping running the runs as speed and distance don't matter while you're doing the programme. Finishing each run is what is important. Stick with it, stop worrying and enjoy it. Happy running

  • In my experience pedometers are useless for measuring running as the stride varies too much unlike when walking which they are designed for. You could try mapping your route with GoodRunGuide.co.uk or MapMyRun or Runtastic.co.uk to name but a few ways to measure a route. Good luck with the rest of the programme and speed is something you don't need to worry about just now, its something that can be worked on later.

  • I just did week 4 run 1.....I did 2.45km...I think we doing just fine...:)

  • thanks for your reply it is good to know i am on a par with someone else completing this program.

  • Your aim is to end up running for thirty minutes non stop by the end of the programme, so it is not that important what distance you cover, even by the time you graduate. You are gradually increasing your endurance and stamina, regardless of the ground actually covered, so stick with it. As Kizza says, you are doing just fine. Good luck.

  • thanks for your reply, i do realise the distance is not the main thing with this program it is the stamina to actually run for 30mins, but it is still nice to know how are you are doing distance wise. Personally it it spurs me on and gives personnel satisfaction to know the distance i am covering is on a par with others and that i am not the only tortoise trying to complete the program!!!!!!! lol

  • Hi, I'm on week 2 did the first run last night on the treadmill. According to that I did 2.5k, the brisk walk being 4 to 5kph. I was wondering myself if that was correct for the plan, or if my brisk walk was not brisk enough... the knee muscles told me it was just right afterwards :)

    I'm a complete newby when it comes to running but cycle 50k most sundays, ~ I'm assuming run training is the same chain of thought. Just concentrate on steady sessions, don't push too hard, as the muscles and cardio build up the speed will come by itself.

  • Brisk means as fast as you can. This weather I walk like the clappers so I warm up real quick

  • I agree MissWobble. I take brisk to mean as fast as you can without breaking into a run. My brisk walking pace is about 6.5kph (9 mins per km) but I have to concentrate determinedly to keep it at that pace for the full length of all of the walking intervals. I seem to naturally sustain a good pace on the running intervals but find it is very easy to switch off and slow down on the walks. I think the key to getting the speed & distance up in the early weeks is to concentrate just as hard on the walking as you do on the running.

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