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Week 3,Run 3 - and week 3 complete :)

Week 3,Run 3 - and week 3 complete :)

A late morning run - so the first morning one I've done,find later in the day runs so much better for me but got to try these morning runs a few times during the programme!

Did wake at 6.30am as planned,watched the F1 session at 7am as planned and gave myself a few hours to properly wake (sometimes when I have a long journey to campus it's a 4.30am alarm call and out of my front door around 5.30am to catch a train!) - I don't do seriously early starts as often as I used to!

Anyway - a tale of two halves,a tough first 15,a very good second 15,just short of the half hour at the finish by a few seconds but all in all,my iPod tracker told me it's my best session to date - by only a second but it's an improvement! :)

And got in my front door and started slurring the words slightly,like I'd been on a good night out! One small issue that I know I have and flared up for the first time since I started - my chest did tighten a bit (I do have those issues from time to time,but I know it happens and that it will pass,so not overly worried) but all in all,success and Week 4 looms - bit anxious about upping it again to 5 min runs but got to remember the advice from you guys that have commented so far and I will be okay :)

And thought I'd post my first pic whilst I was out - ironically wore my F1 top today!! Once a huge fan - always a huge fan (actually went to Silverstone for the first time last summer!!)

May register for Parkrun now as well,but not do one until I'm ready :)


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Well done! I can't do early mornings for love nor money, so you've impressed me!


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