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One more run to go!

Second run of week 9 completed this afternoon in the hot sunshine. We were melted. Stuggled for about half of it in the heat with the 'I cant do this' gremlins but refused to allow them to win. We managed to cover 2.9 miles so we are getting faster with each run even though it doesnt feel like we are running any quicker. I guess it means our fitness is improving. So final graduation run will be Friday night. Feel a bit sad that its going to be over so we might look at moving up to a 10k program in a few weeks. I know there are a few of us graduating this weekend - good luck to you all. It feels like we have been in lovely company.

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O well done I bet you its a great feeling getting this far👍😊 1 more yippee what an achievement . I can understand the feeling of what next as I am already wondering what will I do when I finish this! Which I will week 7run 1 tomorrow or Friday! As really tired the night ! I have loved the structure of this programme & all the encouragement & help on here! So we will have to get our thinking caps on for a plan! I'm thinking plan to help speed up & park run ! Let's keep ourselves motivated!!! Good luck for last run & getting rid of the gremlins for good!!!! 😊👍

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Enjoy your graduation run and the shiny badge you will get after it :-)


Don't be sad - you running career is just starting out! Hope you have a great graduation run tomorrow.


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