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Back on track

Hey folks,

It's been a while since I last posted. After I completed my first race a close relative of mine passed away. I kinda lost the will to run and spent time preparing for the funeral. After the funeral didn't feel like doing much. However last week I managed to drag myself out to do repeat week 8 run 3. Completed that and yesterday did week 9 run 1. Normally I feel quite pleased but this time didn't really feel anything except awake. I'm hoping my motivation will pick up again.

Right now I'm thinking that with 2 runs left to go, what next? I still run at a turtle pace and clocking 3km in 30 mins currently.

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Good that you got out there again. A lot of us find that running can bring some solace and give you a bit of headspace. After losing a close relative I rediscovered joy in running - just because I was alive and could.

I hope it helps you too.

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Nothing wrong with turtle pace. Lol. Well. Done you've done / doing great 🌟

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