Arthritis tips?

Hi I'm looking for any tips or advice if possible. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees (sadly all self inflicted from years of being very overweight). As time has gone on I've come to recognise the same feeling in my hips but had a word with myself, have lost 4 stone (more to go yet) and I'm currently due to run 3 of week 7. Since I've been doing the 25 minute runs my knees have held up well but my hips are giving me hell ~ I really don't want to stop & I'm determined to complete the programme so can anyone offer any advice please? I don't go to a gym & I can't swim so alternative exercises aren't really an option. Thanks.


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  • Build the muscles in those areas, so you NEED to excercise!😊

  • Check out some yoga poses on YouTube. Some of them really stretch the hips out when they are tight. That might help. And check out hip flexor stretches on YouTube as well - you don't need any equipment or to leave your house.

  • As well as strengthening exercises, do lots of easy walking for flexibility. Don't be afraid to take an extra rest day from running if you need it. And take a cod liver oil supplement.

  • I have arthritis in my hip and my physio advised me to stop running because of the pressure running puts on the joints. Even with exercises to strengthen other areas she has said not to. Would it be worth you talking to your GP or get a referral to physio? I really understand the desperation to not stop but I wouldn't carry on without advice.

  • It sounds as though a good overall biomechanical assessment might be prudent. This is something you probably have to pay for. It is unfortunately, cheap in the short term for the NHS to say "Don't" without taking into account the potential cost to you (and the NHS) long term. And no-one is going to sue.

    It might be fixed by something as simple as different shoes... or my own thing I keep banging on about, keeping off road and pavement running if at all possible. I find running 'loose' is tremendously important personally - haven't mastered the art of walking loose.

    I am a little concerned about the 'I don't go to a gym and I can't swim so alternative exercises are not an option' statement - there is more holding back your health than your hips or indeed any of your body, when clearly you have tremendous capacity to achieve given your weight loss.

  • Thanks for the advice, I simply meant that I can't use a cross trainer or any other machines like that as I'm not a gym member so I'm limited to walking/running. I do have a bike which I detest but could use if I REALLY had to lol. I think I'm going to try my next run later today on grass rather than road/pavement and see if that helps. I don't have any intention of ever being a marathon runner, just want to be able to do 5K 2/3 times a week if possiblez

  • runswithdogs has a great, accessible, suggestion (online yoga has been the way for me too). There are loads of different forms of activity and it is about looking at what you can do. I am far from wanting to promote gyms, they don't appeal to me at all, but you might be able to find outdoor gym equipment in a park, and my own local authority leisure centre certainly (and in common with many public facilities) doesn't require membership (would require an induction but otherwise you can pay as you go)

    Meanwhile, there's the NHS Strength and Flexibility programme, just like the C25K, podcasts and Laura, and a whole suite of short videos of specific stretches on the NHS Choices website. Enjoy!

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