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Glowing with satisfaction - Saturday evening run

A slightly belated report, but here it is anyway! Saturday evening, my daughters and I went to Kempton Park racecourse for the Glow in the Park 5k. We also had a friend of the younger daughter, as my friend who was going to be running with us was ill so couldn't come along.

We arrived in reasonable time and got parked, adorned ourselves with LED bunny ears, UV paint etc, and headed over to the start, all in good spirits despite the pouring rain. Start waves were going every few minutes, so we weren't waiting long before it was our turn...

Not having done a warm-up, and none of us being capable of running a 5k in full, we split into our two pairs - the two younger girls together, and Daughter no. 1 with me. The youngesters decided they'd run off ahead of us to start with, while we were walking the first few minutes - but we soon passed them once we were running and left them behind. No. 1 loved the foam cannon - although not quite as much as I enjoyed her shock as it suddenly poured over exactly where she was standing! :D - and we made it round the first lap using the various zones as targets to run to or from.

As we got to the end of the first lap, I said 'just one more lap to go then' - turned out she thought it was five laps, so was thinking it would be really hard. Discovering it was two laps, so she'd already done 2.5km, she said 'oh that's easy! I can do this!' and off she ran leaving me far behind! She waited for me half way round, then ran off again and finished a good few minutes before me, much to her absolute delight :)

The other two came in happily about 10 mins after I finished, having had a nice time wandering gently, jogging a bit, and generally having fun.

So all in all, a really good evening. The epitome of a 'fun run', great atmosphere, cheerful and encouraging marshalls, enough points to focus on running to - and a nice flat course! I'm already planning on checking the dates for next year when they're announced, and booking one in...!

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That sounds great - I'll look out for that too - not close to me but not too far either - what fun! 😀

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That sounds like great fun. Well done all of you!


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