Got Enough "Go", that Got PAST Excuses and Did W1R1 !!

Attempted W1R2, But UNABLE to Complete !!


GOT to get PAST these "NEW" Excuses !!

****More Excuses****


--ILLNESS of Partner --TALENT Show

>> LACK of Sleep (awake 3am ) !!

>> Health/Prescription Problems !! ??!!?? Avoid Hospital ??!!??

>> Unlimited Internet Access.

>> Use of VERY SLOW Computer to Access Internet !!

>> More TROUBLES on Various Sites !!

>> Problems with Camera (Solve Site Problems ??)



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  • Dirk

    My advice would be to go out for a power walk 4-5 times a week for a month. And then start the podcasts. It will be mentally challenging especially as the weather deteriates with Autumn upon us. There are many obstacles to cross, and it will require will power to stop searching the internet and the like.

    Try and go first thing in the morning, that will then give you the day to slob on the couch, but at least you have done your daily activity. At weekends, If Idon't go before 09:30 or so I am unliekly to go out for the day.

    Another option would be to use the podcasts as part of your walking strategy, but when Laura says run, you just up your walking pace. This will help develop your stamina and strength.


  • Come on dirkcb07 - you've coached so many others, you know all the excuses and you know they are excuses and not reasons. Get up half an hour earlier and get out there, even if you're only walking. You know you can do this! And so do we😎

  • Be kind to yourself and ask yourself what you need to be able to do the next run. I hated the first few weeks and don't think I'd have made it without my running buddy. He kept me going and on some days I did it because I didn't want to let him down. We also had missed sessions, excuses on both our parts and it's taken us about 9 weeks to get to the end of week 6... But, I really am running now. That voice inside telling me I wasn't good enough, it would've too hard, I'd give up... it was wrong! Running buddy is injured and this morning will be my second solo run.

    A long way of saying.. really listen to that voice inside you telling you what you need now, and have compassion for yourself. You can do this - you just haven't quite found what it is you need to get you there yet.

  • I run with a buddy and this has definitely made me go out when I would have preferred not to.πŸ‘―

  • Sounds like I NEED a RUNNING BUDDY !!

    Just NEED to get out there, and do it !!

    Any "Graduates" in Vancouver,

    want to do a "HEAVY" Coaching Program ??

  • You've just practiced w1r2 and the couch is using that to encourage those gremlins! Tell that b.....d couch that you've done the 1st run and nothing is going to stop you doing the 2nd BUT do it in your own time.

    The advice to walk through the programme is good, and will get you ready for some more practicing until you succeed.

    Good luck for the next few weeks. Let us know how you get on. We are all rooting for you.

  • Hi,

    Sounds as if it's tough for you right now Is this a temp thing or more likely to be the norm?....Apart from stolen car that is, had mine taken several times, many yrs ago...horrible sinking feeling, then everything else jumps onboard and couldn't see the wood for the trees.

    But you know you've made a start, one run under your belt. Maybe that half hr just 3 times in the week could get you some 'space' from all that life's tossing your way. I know some folks use this time to recharge mentally as well as physically, maybe this is actually what you do need. Or maybe I haven't a clue what you're going through and you can tell me to shove off.

    At any rate I hope things go better for you soon, we're all here to help each other, so let us know how you go.


  • Remember, it was you, who called them excuses.... so, in that case, get off the couch, just get out there and do the run ...simple ?

    As JaySeeSkinny says, walk , if that is what it takes...but take those steps... :) Life does have blips.. sometimes huge is really hard to see a way through.

    i am a real pain with my quotes..but hey..." No excuses, just choices".

    Go on.... do it :)

  • For every excuse not to, there is a good reason to do it. Find your mojo πŸ”¬

  • SO many "Excuses" not to !!

    That would mean A LOT of Good Reasons to DO it!!

    ***Now, I REALLY NEED to Find them !!***

    hmmm ......

    >>>Some Cardio Reasons <<<

    -> STARTING to INCREASE <- (OVER 200bpm !!??!!)

    ++BPM-RESTING, is between 75bpm AND 115bpm !!

    ++BPM-MILD Exercise, 90 to 145bpm !!

    +++BPM-MODERATE Exercise, 120bpm to 180bpm !!

    ***BPM-HARD Exercise, 150bpm to OVER 200bpm

    Those Stairs (Mild), are GETTING REALLY HARD !!

    Running for 2min, IS Next to IMPOSSIBLE !!

  • Come on Dirk, you can do this! We now await your next post-run update pleaseπŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Underneath it all, there really are only two options. Keep on, or don't. It's not easy in the short term to keep on, but the rewards of quitting don't last either. It's an awful indictment on humans in general that we will not change things until the pain of changing becomes less painful than the pain of continuing as we were, but that is why we started going out that forbidding front door on D1 to begin with. I do hope you keep running through the short term pain and gain the rewards we did. Best wishes.

  • You Can do this dirk , believe in yourself a little a day πŸ‘πŸ‘

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