What do I do in the gym

After graduating on the last day in August I am happily doing my three 30 min runs per week and slowly increasing my pace and hope to increase my time so that some day I will achieve 5k.

I do have a gym membership that I play with from time to time but since starting c25k in June I have been stuck to know what I should be doing there and haven't bothered. Before I used to do cardio, as i am stones over weight. These always involve legs. Obviously I'm doing ' legs' in c25k so what do I do in the gym?


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  • I am finding Body Pump at the gym really helpful as strength training.

  • Work on strengthening your core, glutes and upper body/arms? All will help massively with your running and maintaining good form.

  • I should add, I'm actually thinking about joining a gym just to do this 'cos I'm a bit lacksadaisical about exercising at home. Maybe coughing up hard cash would make me more conscientious. Also, as Kmcm66 says, Body Pump and the like would be brilliant and a lot of fun.

  • Yes I think I will try the upper body and core. I don't pay for classes and I'm guessing bodypump would incurre additional charges.....wish me luck

  • The gym is a great complement to running as you can do all your other exercise there on your "rest" days. Check out what classes they hold and they don't all have to be aerobic. Pilates and yoga build suppleness and strength and work on the core which are all critical for good running form.

    Then, book a session with a gym instructor who will take you around the various machines and weights and put together a programme for you. They'll ask you what you're hoping to achieve so it all adds to the running body!

    You say C25K "does" your legs. To a point. But all other cross training works other muscles in your legs and so ultimately makes them stronger and less prone to injury.

    There's loads to do in the gym so you should never get bored!

  • Thanks for that.

    My point about the legs, all be it clumsy, is that I do not want the legs to be tired for my c25k and am concerned that doing the cardio- treadmill, bike, step, rower, may cause them to be tired on run days. Which may in turn mean a poorer performance that day. But after reading these responses it may improve performance in the longer term?

  • You wouldn't be using the treadmill for your non running days, the rower won't affect your legs much and the bike and step uses different muscles from running but are low impact. The bike is especially good for strengthening the knees which we know can cause problems for many runners ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Bottom line is the more other exercise you do the better.

  • As others have said, running and other leg exercises use different muscle groups so don't be afraid of the bikes, rowing and steppers. I also work on my leg muscles by doing leg presses, leg extensions and leg curls. Speak with one of the gym instructors and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

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