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Wanted - Motivation

Reward for safe return!

I got to week 7 of the programme (with a couple of weeks break for minor injury) and was absolutely loving it and so motivated. I went on holiday and only ran once and then haven't been since I returned almost 4 weeks ago. I got up and ran this morning but only managed 15 minutes. How do I get my mojo back?!! Any advice greatly appreciated!

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Morning I'm new to this only just finished my first 20mins run last night & so chuffed week5r3 😊. It is so hard to get back into exercise after a break if we could bottle the feeling we get after a run & keep that sense of achievement in our heads it would be easy!! Don't give up keep telling yourself how well you have done! Because you have and maybe back track to week 5 or 6 and take it slowly & build up again! If I can do it a complete novice at 59! Anyone can😃 this forum has been a god send to me as running on my own & great to have advise on hand! Keep going we will both get to week 9 1 day at a time😊😊


Take the pressure off and go back a few weeks. Do a shorter run (planned) so you get your sense of achievement back and build up again. The fitness will come back quickly. Just don't give up, you are so close😎 Good luck!


Just keep going back out there. Don't think about it - just run. I started again after 2 months off, and it's tempting to just stay in but once I have my shoes laced up what else am I going to do but run? It's ok if you aren't running the same time/distance/pace that you were 4 weeks ago. Start slow, and you'll be back there soon enough. Good luck!


You got out of the door and ran even if it was for a bit less. As others have said go back a couple of weeks. If you loved it once - you will love it again. It's just a few gremlins at work on your mind. :-)


Keep lacing up them running shoes open the door and step out. Maybe start at week 4, you can do this fifi-Lou, you really can 😄


Thanks everyone. I'll go back a few weeks and rebuild my stamina. I suppose I should be proud of the fact that I'm saying I "only" managed 15 minutes - a few months ago that would have seemed impossible in itself! I'll get there!!


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