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Lacking motivation

Hello all,

When you're feeling like you lack motivation, what helps you to get it back. This year, I completed C25K, ran a Race for Life in 30:43 and managed to lose 2 stone.

Despite this, I got out of my running routine last month and have totally lost the urge to go out and about!

Any advice would be most welcome ...

Thank you and a very merry Christmas to you all :-)

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I have been on limited runs recently due to illness. I am currently doing 1 run per week approximately 3.5 km. The reason I drag myself out is simply that I do not want to waste what I had gained (I started C25K in March and completed a HM in October).

Look back at the former you and ask yourself if you want to return to that. You kniw that you dont.


Perhaps set a new goal for the new year so you have something to aim for? Or try a Parkrun if you have one near you. Once you start getting out there again you will feel so much better... :)


20 minutes spent reading the posts on here usually has me wanting to get my shoes on and run if I've been feeling a bit short of motivation. hope it works for you too. You worked too hard to let it all go!


Realfoodieclub's Quests here are really useful.

And actually I am not sure you always really need motivation, you just have to do it sometimes.... like brushing your teeth or using the toilet or doing grocery shopping.

I tend to just put my running stuff on, get myself to a running spot, start walking and then 'might as well' run...


Just do it...!

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Definitely spending a while reading these posts works for me but I have also found myself recently in the same position as you, I think life got in the way and I lost my Mojo! Just last week when work finished (when we broke up from school and the wonderful Christmas mayhem in a primary school ended) I just decided to do it! Since then I have run twice and walked at least 3 miles and feel so much better already! Just do it!!! X


I agree with Googleme, you don't have to enjoy your exercise, although it helps if you do, but you DO have to do it. Plan a short run and tell yourself you can stop after, say, 15 minutes, bet you won't want to!


It's simple, you no longer have a goal. Without one, why would you run? "Well" I hear you say "to keep fit, etc." but that isn't enough, you need something specific. We wouldn't be on this site if we didn't understand the benefits, and joys, of running but some people, me included, need more. I am currently not running as I have a terrible cold and before that was exhausted from looking after my wife following an operation. I sort of miss it but my bed is so much more inviting, warmer, etc. Come the New Year Though, I will look for a 5k or 10k in March and just enter it. Eventually guilt will get me out of bed early enough to fit in a run and it will all kick off. After that I will have to find something a bit longer and then a half marathon in the autumn. It is the way my mind works.


I've often fallen into these voids of not wanting to run for whatever reason (currently going through one now - it's too cold to run, or my knees hurt, or some other excuse)... at the end of the day, I'm only letting myself down when I decide to stay at home and watch TV instead of get out and run for half hour.

I did spend a couple of hours earlier in the year building a little random motivational tool which I had hoped would spur me into running - - it basically shows a random running-related motivational quote, image or video when you refresh the page.

It got me running a few times.


I would run if I didn't have a plan. You just get your shoes on and go!

Having said that, I always have a plan.

It's up to you. If you want to run you will

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I know just what you mean about lack of motivation and I have been known to put a run off until the following day BUT I always make myself run 3 times a week, so can only defer one run a week or I run out of days and the feeling of failure would be too great for me to handle if that happened!

Cold and dark really is a challenge, but that's what makes us special and intrepid and, well, just a bit superior to those who can but choose the way of the couch.

Notwithstanding the above, would just like to fess up now that after my Christmas Eve run I have reserved prime spot on the sofa, next to the fire, with the remote and a constant supply of consumables until Christmas night.


Firstly, well done for those three great achievements this year. They are things to be very proud of :)

Motivation... hmmm. I must admit, I'm doing the RunStreak thing at the moment, where I'm running a mile a day from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day. No breaks, just one mile a day. Or more, of course, but actually I'm finding I can't do any more because I'm knackered and I have so much else to try and fit into the day. I'm not enjoying it at the moment and I've had enough, to be honest. So my motivation is lacking, but my determination is not. The only thing that's ever worked for me is getting my running kit on, because by the time I've put that on I might as well get out of the door - it's not as though I'm going to be wearing neon lycra for any other purpose throughout the day :D

I think you have to find something specific to focus on, whether that's a race or an increase in distance or a pledge to run twice a week come what may. It would be such a shame to lose what you worked so hard for this year. I hope you have a happy Christmas and can get out there. Why not join us on Christmas day for a brief run? There will be lots of us out there :)


January 2014

I am 5 foot 9.5

18 stone (I was clinically pushing out of obese into very obese on the height/weight chart)

Size 20

August 2014

Still 5 foot 9.5

14 Stone 5 Pounds

Now overweight on the height/weight chart

Size 16

November 2014

My Birthday i ran 6.27 miles in 1 hr 11 minutes

I weigh 13 stone 6 pounds (still overweight on the height/weight chart but now close to the healthy weight bit)

size 14 jeans

That is my motivation xxx


If anyone still needs motivation, I would strongly suggest joining a local non-competitive running group. I joined Lymm Runners in January 2015 and now running 8k on a Thursday night, Parkrun on a Saturday morning and training when I can with the Group on a Tuesday.

In my opinion, its much, much easier running in a group of like-minded people than slogging it out on your own, you're much less likely to give up. Friendly bunch of people too!

Hope this helps someone :-)


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