Week three, struggling with 2.5mins, help!

I have recently started c25k but have been using the app and not the podcasts so I think the timings are slightly different, week 3 day 2 is 2x 1.5min and 2x 2.5min runs (and 3min on Day 3!)

I have found it so hard getting from 1.5min up to 2.5min and didn't manage it at all today, I hit a gentle incline and had to stop both times on the 2.5min run (1.5min is comfortable now though) and my legs felt like lead weights.

I thought I was doing well but now feel disheartened that I can't even manage 2.5mins, how on earth can I build up now when the next run is even longer?

Sorry for the moan but any advice welcome please.


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14 Replies

  • First, try even slower. Second, choose flat surface, no inclines, hills, etc. We've all been there and survived to tell the stories. Some repeat their runs until they master them, others take longer breaks. Whatever works for you, just keep going.

  • Just try again and slow right down. Just a blip, we all had them. Try not to think too much of it, you're doing great.

  • The forum mantra here is slow down, and then slow down more.

    Don't leave an incline until the end at this early stage, and just get out there 😎🏃🏻

    Enjoy the journey, there are no failed runs. When the run is not what we originally intended it's just a practice run, which still moves you further than those on the couch!

    You may want to have a look at the podcasts with the lovely Laura who will run with you. You CAN do this if we can😃👍🏼

  • Good advice above about slowing down, it's the way to go. When I started on the early runs I did laps round the football pitch. Nice and flat. When I ventured on to the road I kept to flat routes. As my stamina has built I have included longer inclines but even now I avoid steeper inclines or hills. It's not meant to be torture you have to enjoy it. It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it. You are doing just great.Have your rest day then give it another go. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks everyone, I will keep trying. I live on hills which doesn't help. I will have to drive somewhere to find some flat runs, inclines are so hard!

  • I am a tad late posting..

    But as I have said inanother post, slow your running right down rather than walk. As your body recovers, your speed will pick up, untill you struggle, and then remember to slow down.

    Ideally for a while make a concerted effort to run a slow steady pace...

    Do youdrive to work? Maybe you could find a suitable park on the way home from work? I used to change into sports gear at work before leaving to a local park to do hill interval training on the way home, and kept a couple of towels to sit on afterwards...

    All the best though Lucy

  • The trick with upward slopes (and I have many - not much flat in Perthshire) is to take smaller steps!!keep running but take wee steps and go slowly. Also o learned to do my warm up walk up the incline then start running down!! Gives you a boost at the start of a session

  • Yup, as the others have said, slow down, then slow somemail more. Take really small steps on ups lopes and use your arms like a train, forward and back (this will make your legs move ). You may feel like you are going nowhere, but that's OK. It's the running action that's important not speed. I used to have dog walkers overtaking me! ( Don't worry, speed will come later)

  • Bless you. You've got to Week 3 so you're doing well. Keep it slow and steady and if you need to slow a little more then do. Maybe try the podcasts with Laura - she is with you every step of the way. I found it much easier with her than the app. Also when you're out running remember that everyone on here wants you to succeed and are all with you. So even if you're running on your own, you're not alone. Look forward to hearing how you're getting on.

  • That's a lot like how I felt - except the heavy legs hit me in week 2. I couldn't imagine how I could possibly keep going for 5 minutes, let alone 30 but I'm now doing week 8. I found that if I do get heavy legs the answer is to slow right down (and my slow is unbelievably slow), tell myself that I am probably going slower than I sometimes walk :-D and so I really can manage it, don't allow myself to sag, look at what's around you (I'm lucky to have lovely scenery), find some mental diversion that takes your mind off whether you can run or not... I live in an area where a lot of good routes would be hilly, too, but am generally managing to avoid too much of a slope and where there is an incline I slow down some more. I plan to start introducing longer, slightly steeper ones after graduating - I'll start over with the early podcasts. Also, there's nothing wrong with having to repeat runs, weeks etc - you're out there doing the programme and on the way forward to graduation. Enjoy your next run.

  • Sometimes when a run led me up a hill, I'd go as far as I could and then actually just turn right around and finish the run going downhill! I figured as long as I was still running it counted - lol! But also, even after struggling through a week's runs, going for the longer runs the next week made the previous week seem like a walk in the park - as you said, you found 1.5 minutes comfortable when you were aiming for 2.5. This is progress!

  • There are runs with, and runs without. Chuck it in the F**K it bucket, and move on. Repeat the run and it will go better - and try to find some flat terrain. As everyone has said, slow down - we are always running faster than we think, and it's about endurance, not speed. Don't worry - one experience of what I call "wading through baked beans in a ball gown in a pair of doc Martens and a ball gown" does not mean that it will happen the next time :) Well done for mastering the 1.5 minutes - that's proof that you are progressing, so keep at it !

  • You have lots of good advice and support here. Slow down and then slow down again. Sometimes I feel that if I run any slower I 'll be going backward but just keep going. Trust the programme and Laura. I tried the app and found the podcast easier as it distracts me especially as it is not my taste in music! I'd never run in 66 years and with the support here completed the programme. Believe us you will too in your own time

  • It gets better 😊 I remember in the early days it was a struggle & then discovered i was better running at night or i should say straight after work! To keep myself motivated i researched where the flatest areas were as i didnt want to be put of by what seemed like hills to me rather than just inclines! I also find some runs easier than others & cant explain why! Im a newcomer to exercise & my runs are slow but its not a race take your time & dont go too fast! Ive just finished week5run3 20mins run & still cant believe i did it!!! So keep going & believe in yourself😊You can do this! This forum supported me to get through my 20mins it was a great support😊Good luck👍

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