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The benefits of being stubborn (or, W5r2)

This evening was going to be busy. Back from work about 6.30, call at supermarket on the way home as I've done no shopping for about 10 days and things are getting, well, creative! Home, run, eat, then settle to watch a film long-distance with a friend at 8.30. I had no idea how I was going to manage it all, then the friend cancelled to my great relief.

Got in from doing the shopping about 7.25, and reluctantly headed out the door just past 8pm. It's a long time since I've run in the dark, and I felt like an utter fraud in my hi-vis top and arm light, as though people would judge me as an imposter, not a 'real runner'. So light off, I headed down into the village to start the warm-up walk. Down to the end of the high street, enjoying the smells of the various log fires that were clearly burning. Past the pub - that's odd, no lights on. Wonder why they're not open! Back up the slight slope, and get to the level bit just in time to start running.

Up and down the private road, along the main road, round the next cup-de-sac. What? Time to walk? Gosh, that went surprisingly well! Ok, I can definitely enjoy a walk for 5 minutes, thank you Laura :)

Just about back to where I started running when it's time to start running again. Quick decision time - do I go back over the bit I've already done, or do I head back down to the bottom of the village and repeat the circuit. Yes, let's do that! So down I jog. And at the lowest point almost exactly, Laura cheerfully tells me I'm half way through. Bother - didn't think this one through, did I?! Ah well, I'm not about to give in. Just do my best and keep going.

250 breaths will get me through the 8 mins, I've got past 5 mins, hang on, there are only 50 left! This may be the steepest bit (really not particularly steep, but hey, I'm out of practice!), but I'm not a both to give in now this close to the end. Keep going, just keep counting. Don't think about the running, oh, 60 seconds left? Is that all? I'm back on the level now, so I can do this and finish in style. Pick up a bit of speed just because I can, and Im done! Whoop-whoop!

I'll do this one another time or two before trying run 3, but that was just so good. VERY glad I prioritised it and didn't succumb to the siren call of the couch! ;)

Next run Thursday...

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Lovely post RainbowC 😄


Never succumb to the siren call 😊 Always get out for your run as you'll always be glad you did

Great post! I enjoyed that 😊


Great post, great run... you went out and you did it... The pub was closed, in case you were tempted...:)


Well are doing brilliantly. You have got this.😊


Brilliant post! Well done :)


Well done😊 I'm at the same stage as you and had great advise from this forum which gave me the boost to go for the dreaded 20mins & I DID IT!! Slow I grant you but got there so don't be frightened of trying it😊 trust me I am a complete novice & if I can do it at 59 anyone can!! Your comments are brilliant😀 lets get to the end😊😊


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