Week 7 over!

Feels great to have that one behind me. My previous run set lots of PBs and today's one was bit different. I had another stab at that hill from few weeks ago when I gasped for air and barely finished it. This time I have managed to do 3.7K vs 3.1K that time before. And the best part is, I wasn't too tired, not fighting to catch a bit of air on every step and actually had fastest 1K till now (downhill though).

I was actually thinking that running uphill and down again is like running flat, but 2 different speeds. In reality, when you start descending you also have to 'break' a bit and can't just let go and make up for the lost pace. But it felt great, like real accomplishment especially compared to my previous attempts. I had 100m climb and same amount of descent during my course. 2 weeks to go!!!

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  • Congratulations I love managing a hill that you've struggled on before, feels like a real change has taken place

    Onwards to week 8...

    ...6 runs left till graduation xxxx

  • 2 weeks sounds better than 6 runs. ;)

    I hope you'll manage to keep up with your sore throat.

  • Well done!! Sounds like a great run...onwards to W8 πŸ˜€

  • It really was! I was this close to punching the air. :D

  • Fantastic :-)

  • Well done. I'm interested in how on this site everyone copes with hills and inclines. Moving house in couple of weeks and with have to cope with a possible 300 metre hill before I get to my "new" lake.

    So cushy for me at moment doing flat laps round lake.

  • I always start off running up hill, and no matter how much effort it takes, I just aim for the top of the hill and know that I won't quit on the downhill section. trouble comes when there is a second or third hill, but same principle applies. Just slow down, and battle through

  • Well done. I did W7R3 today, too, so we're at exactly the same stage. I've avoided any proper hills though...

  • Congratulations. My W7R3 is tomorrow..

  • Fantastic. Amazing how quickly you get hooked on this running lark. Doing my W7R3.later today as had a blip at weekend due to a bug. Two weeks to go . . .

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