Waterproof running top?

I am sadly on the illness couch today with a head cold and aches. Not a happy bunny when I only get Mondays and Thursdays work and child free running time. So I am online shopping for winter running gear and would like a waterproof lightweight running top for showery days that I won't sweat hideously in. I am still a novice runner so nothing too pricey yet. Any recommendations please?

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  • poor you, I hope you are better soon... To be honest you are better off just wearing a normal running top as getting wet is par for the course and rather refreshing as it cools you down!! If you are thinking of the Winter months then a waterproof running jacket may be a good idea. I only ever wear one in Winter for long runs. You will be wet from sweat anyway....

  • Yes I was thinking about going out on rainy days and assumed a kind of showerproof hi viz number was in order! Perhaps not then and I should embrace the drowned rat look. I have added some long running leggings to my basket and have a long sleeved top. My winter running wardrobe seemed a little sparse for cold wet days.

  • High vis tabbard good idea for being seen, if you feel the cold a hat too????

  • I am sure that you don't glow as much as I do, but I have never bothered, knowing that I would get wetter from inside than the rain could ever make me. In three years I have only started a handful of runs in the rain......a good local weather app is probably more use than a waterproof.

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