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Trying to Start program !!

10pm Tue-Sept20 (corrections)

Have been trying to start program (maybe not hard enough).

Seems that "Starting" over, IS VERY HARD.

Should NOT have stopped in 2008 !!

So far today, have

-WALKED OVER 11,000 steps-8.5km (WAY Behind our normal)

-Ran for 1min 30sec !!

-Reviewed the program's first week.

-Fixed my **Sandals** !!

**AND** looking (still) for timing/audio gear.

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Morning Dirk !

Why not make today the day ? The hardest step is getting out of the door , we all felt exactly the same , trust me ! :-) xxx

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You would not be posting here if you did not want a nudge, or maybe even a boot in a strategic place. There is nothing to fear about C25k. You are in control. If you do not manage to complete a run then you simply repeat it. Truly getting the first session under your belt is the hardest part of the process.

You want to do it, so DO IT!!

Don't forget to tell us how you get on.


It's easy to start. You just leave the house and turn on the podcast or app, and go....

..... and then tell us how you got on.

You still 'ere? Taps foot ...


Here ??!!??

Was "Out" for most of day !!

Unfortunately, ONLY

walking about 10,000 steps (8km);

doing stuff with the banks (got paid, today);

some shopping;

and riding on the bus (2hrs ??)

1hr left of day, and NO RUNNING as yet.

Not able to download podcast (what an "Excuse" !!)

Replying here, and then

planning to go out with MY OWN TIMER !!


Made it out !!

Did well, even with my many problems/excuses !

Getting home at 1:45am was definitely something that really was hard. (see posted "full-log")

Am staying up ALL night for a friend who can't sleep for the 24hrs before her "special" doctor's appointment.

So-far, since midnight, have done 6,000 steps !!


EASY ??!!??

With ALL the Excuses that I am finding,

and they ALL need to be done first !!??!!

Finally did one of the best things possible.

I took ALL the excuses and "fixed" them.

So-what if many of my "fixes" were improvised.

I did FINALLY manage to get out (12:30am !!)

Note: am including a reply with the list.


**Some Excuses** were:

-Was too busy with other "Chores", today

-ONLY have Sandals to wear

-Sandals have broken backs, can't run in them

-Unable to load podcast onto anything for running

-LOST podcast access and my notes

-Unable to get device to do three different

"count-down" times

-Don't have decent shorts/pants to run in.

-Don't know times for W1R1

-Have lots of internet "work" to do

**Some Fixes** include:

-So What, if 1:00 am

-Made "string woven" backs for sandals

-Got a timer, set to 30s intervals

-Wearing 1st pair of shorts that I can find,

So What if they are Dirty or Don't fit properly

-Using aprox of times remembered,

So WHAT if Wrong (90s Run & 60s Walk ??!!??)

-Kept going, until too tired to continue

("tired" by "Athlete" Standards)

-Kept track of number of sets (8 x 90s-60s)

-ONLY when got home, did I check on

FULL Times.


Go on! Get out that door or we'll send the heavies round!

Let us know how it goes.


"Heavies" ??!!??

They won't be able to help much.

Am TOO Stubborn !!


Are you back yet? How'd it go?

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You know you want to do it because you are posting on the site. C25K is the best "Cunning plan" I have found to start me running.

The great sense of fitness and wellbeing and achievement is great.

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Go out.. Run.... Let know how it goes..

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Hope you made it out 🏃😬 ??


Yes !!

At 12:45am (12:25am, if include initial walk and stairs)

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Thu 1:25 AM !!

W1-R1 ??? Log-01

Just finished my FIRST real attempt to the program.

-Still unable to load podcast to running equipment.

-Brought a single timed alarm set to 30sec counts.

-Sandals are "Rig Tied" !!

-Stopped this Run, due to being too tired.

-Run-Rest sets, became REALLY Hard

******Full Log********

Tried R1, from 12:20 am:

-Did 4 flights of stairs

-Did a 30min walk before runs (to keep our walk counts)

-4 flights of stairs to home (home about 1:55am)

-4 flights of stairs to street

>aprox 5min walk to track

>8 sets of 90s-runs and 60s-walks

-(20mins total - too exhausted for more)

>walked home, aprox 5min

-up the 4 flights of stairs

-got home at 1:25am (Really Exhausted, and Sweaty)

-and started typing this log

-now is 2:30 am


Total exercise time >> aprox 1hr

Total "High Active" exercise time >> aprox 20mins + 16 flights of stairs

Final Cool-down >> aprox 30mins

BPM reached: Unknown Breathing reached: Unknown

Temp Outside: aprox 12c(53f) and REALLY Sweating !!

BPM now: aprox 60bpm Breathing now: aprox 9 breaths/min


Some Benefits of the time:

1) I DID get out for the run !!

2) Temp was fairly cool

3) Saw 5 Raccoons !!

4) Only saw 5 people to be a possible audience

5) Could hear clearly, just how Quite/Loud my pace was.

Some Dis-Advantage

1) Hard to see where going

2) Light of timer could be seen by others,

and they seemed to be "Junkies"


W1R1 -- Log (02)

1:45am Thursday, W1R1 (the "hardest" ??!!?? run) is DONE.

48 hours later, makes 1:45am Saturday !!

Plan to alter this slightly, as try for more Reasonable times.

(Between 9pm & 10pm on Friday)


Just keep moving! Move, move, and move some more. Yessssssss!

It's all good.

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Well done Dirk !

You've made a start , youre up and running ! Keep going, we will support you along your way :-) xxx

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Well done

I cried before I started the first run but never looked back. I cannot believe in such a short time I am actually running for 30 minutes. Didn't find this site till recently but love reading all the comments. Keep at it the rewards are so worth it.

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W1R2 ??!!??

Friday Evening (10:30pm)

went for my 2nd run of week 1 (W1R2).


Can name many possible "Reasons"/"Excuses",

but the REAL RESULT is: I HAVE to DO it AGAIN !!

((Another 2 days, before I can get to W2 !!))

--Scheduled for Sunday evening (7pm to 10pm) !!

****Full Results***

10:15pm, went out for Run.

Timer not working, and still no podcast.

Ran "Laps" comparable to what did with timer.

Instead of the 8 sets of run-walks,

Completed 4 sets, then "exhausted" cool-down.


Aprox times (by distance) were:


>ONLY 1/2 (45s ??) Run;

>3 (3min ??) walk;

>2/3 (60s) run;

>>LONG walk to home !!



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