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Week 3 run 1. Upped the game

No jumper needed......nose peg back on, ( seaweed is back in charge) but who cares. I managed week 3 run 1! 3 minutes run? Near killed me....TWICE? Thank goodness I didn't listen before I headed out. The people in the flats at my halfway point must think I am mad as I shuffle past and two minutes later return huffing and puffing. Their little glass of wine looks inviting but onwards I moved. And did it!!!! Something I couldn't of done 4 weeks ago. Thank you to everyone with who has posted all your positive messages. They really make a difference.

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Well done Mazzspud you are doing so great 🌟🌟🌟


Sounds like you're doing well. Keep running!


I well remember the first time Laura said "you'll be running for 3 minutes" and I thought what? All at once? Twice?! Well done indeed. I didn't manage the second set of 3 minutes on my first go but as you've found, your body is doing amazing things and the programme has prepared you well! Your positive attitude is going to serve you well as you continue too. Really well done! :)


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