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Running with osteoarthritis??

Hi everyone!

Just a quick question. I have been running a while now but have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I still want to run but worried on the effect it will have on my joints. Can anyone give advice on the best running shoes for me?

Its early days for my diagnosis so I will be going to the Dr's for more advice on exercise, diet, etc. I just wondered if any of you lovely people have osteoarthritis and still run?


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I think lots of folks do. Have you had a search on here as I'm sure it's been discussed before. Also on the Runners World Uk pages. My mate has it but he runs, skis and does triathlons. He has dropped a lot of weight and is running much better these days

I have suffered from aching joints in the past. I still do to some extent but am not taking any medication, just an omega 3 capsule every day. My recovery from a long run might take longer than a younger fit person but you learn to adapt. I watch what foods I eat as some are more inflammatory than others. I can't touch fruit juice for example and have stopped drinking alcohol completely, which has helped me no end.

I'm sure you'll get some advice from fellow runners who have it. Good luck and happy running


I have osteoarthritis and still run, actually if I don't exercise my arthritis is at its worst. Shoes, I go with what the running expert gait analysis recommended and they have been fine. Build up very slow and steady as out joints need to be protected as our muscles grow and shape, and remember one rule dosent fit all find out what's best for you and go with that. For me I run but I also do strength and swim and walk and a combination of it all keeps all my joints happy. It flares up every now and then but it dosent bother me as much as it used too. Also I don't mind a flare up because in the back of my mind it's always "well I can run" which makes it all a bit more easier. Good luck and happy running.


I have moderate osteo-arthritis in my knees (at least suspect I have it elsewhere, but have only had knees xrayed). Mine is caused (or at least aggravated) by misaligned kneecaps that rub in the wrong place, so I have custom made insoles from the podiatrist. These realign things and let me run without pain. I also find the knee strenghthening exercises on the NHS livewell site helpful - the idea is to strenghten your muscles so that they better support your joints.


as you have seen, there are lots here that suffer and have great advice. I would say get some gait analaysis if you can afford it as decent shoes are really important :)


I believe they recommend keeping moving these days - but do check in with your doctor.

Good luck!


You could also get your GP to refer you to a podiatrist. Consultation should be free, though you might have a longish wait.


My Dad has osteoarthritis in his hips and had to stop running because of it. I think the deterioration was quite advanced and he had been either road running or playing football every day for about 30 years - he was told it was caused by the constant impact along with the genetic predisposition. He now swims and cycles (low impact) too keep up his fitness. Sounds like it hasn't stopped others here though which is great! I suppose it would be best to get a consultation and see what the advice is specific to you. Fingers crossed for you!


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