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Running with Severe Asthma


Just completed the W5R3 which involved a 20 min run ( with no breaks). Just last year I could barely walk 100 meters before I was short of breath and Wheezy.

I was diagnosed with brittle, badly controlled asthma- had xrays and scans to determine as to why my asthma was so bad.

I decided to take on running to challenge myself and of course get fitter - as I was really unfit. I was really frightened when I first started running that I would get an Asthma attack

What really helps is taking my inhalers ( reliever) before I start running and carrying the inhalers in my pocket, just in case I need them. I take it slow- slow jog and do not look at distance. It's all about endurance. Of course you need to speak to your doctor which doesn't apply to me as I am already a doctor- a consultant in Anaesthesia so I just follow my own judgement and instincts when running.

I have found that my Asthma has got better ( I just managed a 20 min run- I still can't believe I did it!!)

I also ski at an indoor ski slope and running has improved my endurance

So all of you out there who think you can't do it- remember if I can do it- with severe Asthma-you can definitely do it!!!!

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What a fantastic post and so encouraging too.... I am also an asthmatic and I find as long as I stick to my meds regime I am ok, although Summer is always worse! I have found its improved my breathing no end by running, and well done on your progress :)



Fantastic you. I did the same one this morning and felt proud, but you must be absolutely delighted at doing this with asthma. Brilliant inspiration to anyone with health difficulties like yours.

So pleased you wrote this post, thank you!

My husband and previously running partner had such a serious health threat almost 2 years ago that he was left with asthma.

He's lost heart for exercise and I've tried EVERYTHING to try to encourage him back, but he just buries himself in his work, all the time getting more disinterested, weaker and piling on the pounds :-( It's so sad; I understand he was devastated by the experience and the resulting effects, but it's like he's lost all faith in his body.

Hopefully reading this might show him how much it's worth trying again, perhaps. Thank you.

I have asthma as well, and it seems to get worse with age, thankfully I work with my doctor who is an asthmatic and a marathon runner. I also use my inhaler before I leave (as well as keeping up on my other inhaler and other meds I take for it) and I have surprised myself with no asthma attacks. I have been out of breath sure, but I am way out of shape. My doc is super proud of me not only trying to get into shape but also trying to control my asthma, I had quite the scare with it a year ago.

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