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w1r1 - podcast with the music removed

hi all. Newbie here. Prepping for my first run tomorrow. Downloaded the podcast and software to listen to it at the same time as my own music, but it's a bit weird to listen to both the podcast and my music at the same time. So I removed most of the music from w1 podcast. If anybody else wants to use it I've uploaded it to

I'll do the same for the rest of them...

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Thanks, @+cyanna. I hope that you have an excellent first run today, see how it goes without the music :)


Gosh, do you know, I'm rubbish with computers! Sorry about the @+ business :D


Wow, you are so techy! How very clever! Welcome to the forum. Good luck for your first run. Go slowly and listen to Laura, you'll be fine!

This forum is so fantastic and full of incredible people so do make the most of them if you need support, advice or encouragement. Keep us updated with how you're getting on too! :)


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