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So many slugs on the path when we were doing W5R3

I had to very very quickly scoop them to safety as I don't like the thought of them getting trodden on. The bonus to running on the path in the park was there wasn't nearly so much dog poo everywhere as there seems to be on the paths in the small woods where we have been running. It's not a very nice subject to talk about (urgh- why do so many people not pick up after their dogs- I certainly do after mine!) and I always think that it's probably nicer to run outdoors than on a treadmill- in good weather, anyway- but at least in a gym there would be no dog poo...

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Some of those slugs are massive! Veritable banana skin should you slip one one 😁 I would never knowingly tread on one or a snail ☺

Yeah folks who don't scoop are diabolical


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