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First go at the Speed podcast...Wow! Tougher than I expected.

This week, I've done stamina and Stepping Stones, so Speed seemed like the logical next step.

Foolishly, I reasoned that, as it's a shorter run, I could afford to push myself by lengthening my stride and really going for it...BIG mistake!

First couple of fast intervals were ok, but by the 3rd, I was struggling to get my breath back before it was time for the next one, and my head was screaming for me to walk to recover. Arguing that to date I had never not finished a run since starting C25k, I kept going to finish the whole 6 repeats but had to shorten my stride for the last 2 (whereas I usually speed up to finish a run strongly) and was puffing like a steam train during the cool down.

NOT a pleasant run, not least because there's no time to clear your mind and zone out, lulled by the rhythm of your legs - but I can see how interval training works on improving your breathing and calorie burning.

Anyone else found it tough?

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Interval training is tough, I've been doing it with Jog Scotland this last two weeks, twice a week. I've never run so hard so fast and I did loads of interval training on my own last summer so wasn't new to it. Good news though, it gets easier so don't give up because the benefits are huge. For those who are on a weight loss program I lost 7lbs in 5 weeks last year doing intervals once or twice a week. Big bonus :)


Hats off to you, Old girl - not sure I could manage another session of intervals this week!

Good to know they work, although I have Crohn's, so struggle to keep weight on at the best of times. I can really see how they increase your cardio fitness, though. It will be interesting to see how I cope on the next attempt. :-)


Absolutely, same problem could not get breathe back in time, have ended up doing a walk during slow bit so as to force myself back to 165bpm.

Did Speed on Wednesday night and tonight just went out with the week 9 podcast and legs felt really heavy and assume it is from last run.

Wow to you for managing Stamina and Stepping Stone already this week, I scared myself off Stepping Stone when I first did it and never yet tried Stamina.


I so wanted to walk during the 'slower' intervals! However, I knew I'd never get running again if I did.

This week is the first time I've managed to run in nearly 2 weeks - and the first week I've managed 3 runs for over a month. I graduated at the end of last month after a period of illness, and lost my mojo after struggling with the last 2 runs of week 9 and the next couple of runs after that, due to post-viral exhaustion. I'm meant to be training for a 10k at the end of next month, so pushing myself to increase the time I run for...which is why I thought Speed would be a good antidote. Wrong!

I'm not a fast runner by any means, but not hugely slow either - I can comfortably do 5k in 30 minutes without pushing myself at all...but 165 bpm is something else!



Just plotted the run on Runkeeper...

Managed 2.35 miles in the 16 minutes, average speed 6.29 minutes per mile :-)

No wonder it felt like hard work!


Wow. :)


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