After many weeks on the IC and almost as many spent rebuilding my physical and mental stamina, this morning I finally managed a pain-free non-stop 5km run.

It was still a slow one (35 minutes instead of my usual pre-injury 29:30), nonetheless today I am a very happy runner for it feels like I'm finally back on business!

It will probably take some more time to regain my usual pace, as I do not want to push my knee too hard too soon, and then I'll have to rebuild the 10km distance... but I have time and a plan, and that's all it takes. :)

Enjoy your runs!




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22 Replies

  • Well done Secan! Bet it feels great. I am a long way from 5k after my injury but just being out there again feels good. Any advice for building up gradually after injury?

  • I think it depends on what caused the injury.

    In my case, it was a combination of weak joints and overexertion (and stupidity, as I hiked 25km on an injured knee) so I've tried to further strengthen the leg muscles to better sustain the joints (no remedy for the stupidity, though XP).

  • Hey you!

    So good to know you are out there again... is it hot? I just got back from France where we had temperatures of 38 average and a day with 41 degrees.. Just done my two first UK runs this last week! Lovely and cool. :)

    So, so, pleased that you are back on a positive track and will look forward to your posts. As ever, slow and steady?

    Big hug, Flossx

  • I'm back in the UK, so I too am enjoying the cooler temperature. ;)

    I'll move to Italy at the end of November and by then the temperature should be bearable; the real challenge will be next summer.

  • Right.. sorry.. I need to keep up! Italy in November.. wonderful...!

    Well I managed four runs at the start of my holiday, getting out very early.. but then, when the temperatures soared.. it was, for me, a no-go.

    It will be so interesting to read your posts..:)

  • That's great Secan! It feels so good to be back doesn't it!

    You'll be fighting fit for your balmy runs in Italy later on this year.

  • Happy you are back running again secan.😊 take it steady.x

  • Big thumbs up for you :)

  • Yay, brilliant Saverio, so pleased for you :) Infact so pleased that I've borrowed mfamilias ' pom-poms to cheer your success *\O/*

  • Hey Saverio, great to see you :)

    Yeah back to a 5k ... feels great doesn't it! Especially after injury.. I started bridge to 10k thismorning, but also weary of the knee injury returning.. So take it slow and enjoy being back out there..

    Good luck :)

  • 10km? That's great!

    This time it will be your turn to wait for me at the "finish" line! ;)

  • Ooh I don't know about that Saverio.. only my first run today and my old back is protesting tonight..

    You will be back on top form in no time! BEEP BEEP ;)

  • Such good news, Secan. And good to see that you are sensible enough to not hurry things. Take it slow and you are going to be alright! Right?!

  • Yep! No rush; as we always say, "it's a run, not a race" ;)

    How did it go with the new running group?

  • They were too fast for me... luckily, because then I got to stay with my snail-group :-)

  • Mmmh... are you sure you haven't deliberately slowed down to stay with the old group? 🤔 😜

  • Nooooo, would never do that.... ;-)

  • I came down with a bad cold the day after my test run with them... That probably had something to do with it. But it bought me some time with my old group and I'm happy about it, so no need to redo the test just yet :-)

  • Jokes aside, at the end of the day whatever makes you happy and comfortable is the right choice. ;)

  • Yes! And I am still so happy with my beginners' group

  • Bravo Saverio !

    Really pleased that it went well for you . Great to hear youre up and running again xxx

  • Well done! Take it easy, don't rush, the pace will be there.

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