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Been away for too long

Haven't been around for a while, I got the tendonitis in my knee which put me out of action for a while, then I hit 50 and I gave up. In the mean time my weight has started creeping up again so I have decided to give the running another go. It's been about 3 months since I did my last run, so how far back do I need to go, the way I'm feeling I'm considering going all the way back to week 1 again or once I get started will I be OK?

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Why not see how week 1 feels. If it's easy move straight on to week 2 and so on until you find the right level.

Do take care to build up gently though - you need to look after that knee.

By the way, at 50 you are a mere stripling, so no more excuses on that score!


Hi Plop, nice to see you back! I haven't run for two months either, just coming back from injury now. Others may be able to best advise you on your return. I first completed W1R1 and then W2R1 which were both horrible! I then decided to just go out for a run and see how I feel. I did 7 minutes the first run and 10 the next and stopped before it began to feel awful. So I might use 10 minutes as my benchmark and start from there. I really don't want to go back to intervals as they ruin my rhythm and my recovery time is still good at the moment so I'll see how I go. My Dad was a road runner for many years and told me that apparently after injury you will reach the point you were at previously more quickly than it took the first time round? I know I still need to make sure I don't overdo it though as I'm desperate to get back to where I was before but must remember that there's no hurry!

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Hi, plop nice to see you back.😊

Have you tried a little joggette to see how you get on? I think what Ullyrunner says is a good plan as it will give you structure and build your confidence again. I suspect you will still be fairly fit.

Ease yourself back into it gently. Nice and slow😊

Good luck and keep posting.


Welcome back. Just take it easy and see if your knee causes any problems. You can either do as Ully suggested and redo the programme but a bit fastercthan the first time round, skipping some of the runs or go for a short run and graduallyvbuild uo the length 2-5 min a run. It won't take long to get back to where you were either way.


I agree with Ullyrunner on the age thing. My last excuse was age and then a friend - who is a few months older than me (55) - said she'd just done a half marathon. Excuse smashed to smithereens right there! Good luck and welcome back!


I'm much the same, haven't run since early July so this morning I went for it a started at week 5. Hard going but doable gonna really try to keep it up feel great when I finish. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Good 🍀 xx

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I never got a chance to go for a run in the end. I was riding my bike along the track beside the bus way, lost control and sort off half fell off, managed to stay upright but bruised my big toe. I thought I had broken it but it's only bruised, I can only wear my walking boots as anything else hurt so running is back on the shelf again until my toe recovers.


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