How many times can I restart the programme???

Hi all , been a while since I've posted, graduated back in dec and then lost all enthusiasm during the bad weather that followed christmas , started again in March but life got in the way started again in June but motivation not there so about to start again for my fourth attempt!.

Hoping will be easier as I work in a school so now the holidays are here no excuse and can take my two daughter (5&7)with me early morning while they ride their bikes. But I guess I'm really asking am I kidding myself or should I just give up now??

Knowing my heart it's doable and you guys are great at kicking my lazy butt with all your kind motivation and stories of success.


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12 Replies

  • I re-started programme after not running for a while and it has really helped me to get back on track and stay focused. So I think the answer to your question is - as many times as you like!

  • Go for it!!! What you got to lose? You know you can do it because you've done it relatively recently. We all let things slip occasionally so don't beat yourself up about it.


  • It's a go on, go on, go on from me :)

    Sometimes the timing just isn't right but there is a reason you have come back to it twice, so make it third time lucky. Tomorrow morning suit you for first run?

  • Definitely no excuse now the hols are here ! You've got 5 or 6 weeks to become the running goddess you know you are, you daughters will enjoy it too...

  • Go for it! It's a brilliant programme and this may be exactly the right time for you to get into the running habit. Good luck :)

  • The answer is as many times as you need. I admire your determination to keep coming back, you have to admit it must of got under your skin cause your still here. You will be fine don't give up. Happy running.

  • Definitely go again - even if you spend years just redoing the programme has to be better than sitting on that couch!! Good luck.

  • Start of the school holidays? I cannot think of a better time to start C25K. By the end of the holidays you'll be running 25 minutes, more toned, your skin looking healthy and (perhaps) have lost some weight.

    Imagine walking back into the staff room in September and all your colleagues saying "Gosh, don't you look great?".

    And in the words of Moby ("Run On"):

    You might run on for a long, long time.

    Very best wishes, don't put it off, get started!

  • Thanks guys , I knew you were just what I needed -you all the best buds a runner needs! (Did I just say runner!). Still a few more school days left then come the hols I'm up and out with my brooks back on my feet. X

  • No matter how far along you move in the program, your daughters and you going out and being active together a few times a week is great!

  • As with anything that takes effort, you have to want to succeed, otherwise you will find that other things take precedence. Fitting it into a busy family life can be difficult, but C25k can change you and your outlook on life in so many positive ways. Most of us have found that we are not only fitter and better toned, but we are happier and more confident. To succeed you will have to dig deep and discover the bloody minded runner lurking inside, the one who says "I will not give up".

    It is worth the effort, both physical and mental and the rewards will show themselves in loads of different ways in your daily life and also in your long term health. You will also be setting a wonderful example to your daughters.

    Grit those teeth and do it. Good luck.

  • Thanks guys -mind over matter !. One more day then I start again x

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