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Parkrun is the best.

I am very lucky, where I live in Western Australia there are many parkruns near me. The first time I walked mostly and took about 47 minutes for the 5k. My best time is now 38 minutes. Unlike c25k I haven't ran for 20 minutes without stopping to walk, about 14 minutes is the longest that I have managed. I have invested in a heart rate chest strap and Garmin forerunner watch so I can monitor my heart rate and keep at a sustainable level.

In my opinion that's much better than following c25k and pushing myself too hard and getting exhausted or injured.

I am 20kg overweight and just stopped smoking after 30years of a pack a day. Also I'm taking tablets for high blood pressure but I seem to have avoided any serious health issues from my tobacco habit.

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(My first parkrun was about 20 weeks ago)


It's great that you're getting out there and doing something. Good luck with your park runs. 38 mins is a good time.

I do disagree that c25k pushes you too hard. It is well structured and tried and tested by thousands of people. You are encouraged to take it slow, repeat weeks if necessary, etc.

But your way seems to be working for you. Enjoy your running journey.

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Thank you :-)


Well done you... sorry you felt you pushed yourself too hard with C25K... we are always advocating slow and steady here...indeed it is in our Newbie post FAQ...and warning people not to move too fast too soon.

But you have found something that is working for you so that is fantastic:)

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Thanks for replying. I think that c25k is a great name but a little misleading and at the same time a great target. Coach to 30 min is not such a great name and my target is to run 5km in 30 minutes

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We have had so many posts on that.. C230minutes does not have the same ring and the chap who invented it, Josh Clark, wanted it to catch on..which it did! 77. 458 folk ain't bad:)

The only way to get to 5K in 30 minutes is running..lots of it... but all kinds as you know. And it is the long, slow runs that build up distance and speed eventually.


Well done on keeping going at parkrun, walk/run is fine, it’s still over 30 minutes cardio exercise if you walk fast enough you’re actually faster than some people who run all the way so if that’s how you can make it enjoyable that’s great.

But double well done on stopping smoking. That’s a huge deal, more important even than exercise. And if you keep off the cigs permanently your capacity for exercise will certainly increase.

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Thanks Arthur

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Who knows, you might even manage C25k in a few months when you’ve got your full lung capacity back ;)


Whatever works to get & keep you moving is good. And fantastic to kick the smoking!🎉 Very hard but can be done, as you are showing. 👏🏼 Happy walk/running. 👍

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Thanks for that. I stopped smoking last September and then found c25k in November. In January I discovered parkrun and heart rate training. The thing that all of these have in common is no pressure to go fast.

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