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W4r3 numb foot

My first post here; trying to get back into shape: haven't run for over25 years and started this app 4 weeks ago. Starting with week 3, when I had bought new shoes, I get numbness in left foot after about 18 minutes. Have loosened laces a LOT but still get it. Tried it yesterday with just brisk walking and same thing, just a little less. Wish me luck today as I try it in my oldNrwBalance shoes which are wider. Although I hate to be out $130 sure hope it's the shoes and not my body saying you are now 30 pounds more and you can't do this until you drop the weight!

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Take the shoes back and get a different style or brand. Unless you're wearing tight socks? That can be a culprit as well.


Your feet expand when you run, so what feels comfortable pre-run might change at 15 min, 30 min, etc. Chances are your old shoes fit a bit differently on the top (or you're just lacing these new shoes tighter).

Try tying the laces a bit looser. When your feet get numb, loosen them further.

If you can narrow down where the tightness is (for example, if your ankle is fine but your arch is a bit tight), you can play with lacing techniques.


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