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W4 R1 completed!!

Hubby and I started out on W1 R1 not sure how we would ever increase from runny 1 minute sections... So a drizzly Monday morning and do we put it off for tomorrow when it's meant to be nicer? No we went for it in the drizzle and we did it!! I am amazed I could run for 5 minutes non stop😀 I am so excited at the thought I might actually be able increase as each week goes by. This programme and forum is amazing. Love reading all the posts and get such an encouragement from them. Thanks everyone for helping me progress this far. Have a good day all you runners out there

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same point as me, well done... Really pleased for you. Keep going


The whole programme is a great way to build on stamina and endurance. It is amazing how the odd couple of minutes extra just seem to happen and when you look back at W1R1, just Wow! How did I do that? Keep on going and you'll soon be as hooked as the rest of us!


Great going! I did the same run this morning and I'm so amazed I could actually do it! I love this forum, I don't think I could do it without reading everyone's stories of success and great tips and encouragement. Keep us informed on how you progress! 😊


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