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Week 8 run 2

So I managed week 8 run 2 last night, I am back on my second home, floating about in the middle of the North Sea so after a 12h shift I really just wanted to crawl into bed but one of my colleagues gave me a kick up the bum (he called me lazy) and I was determined to do it. Half way through I wanted to give up but I wasn't going to be called lazy by him again. I was getting really warm and there was no breeze like there was on land :(. After I wondered why the room was so warm. Turns out the air vent is broken so the air conditioning system is blowing it in one place and its not circulating round the room, so off I go to see the maintenance Supervisor to get it fixed as a hot sweaty gym is not a nice environment to run in. I think run 3 will be on Sunday as Saturday is Steak and Bingo night on here :) and then its on to WEEK 9!!!!!

#riglife #sometimesIneedakickupthebum

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We all need a kick up the bum sometimes don't we. The thing is you did it and well done to you :)

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Busy weekend then with steak, bingo and run 3 ;) I am so amazed at the conditions you run in. Even just going from your land legs to your sea legs every so often must take its toll. Well done on run 2. Get the steak and bingo out of the way and you'll be cruising into week 9 and on to graduation :) :)

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