Couch to 5K

W3 R3 done, felt rubbish after R2, felt great again today

Thanks to everyone who told me to women up and try R3 and see how I go...... You were right, 6am found me up and running around. I've even ordered myself some running legging to celebrate. It was a little nippy on my legs today so thought, I won't give the gremlins an excuse now September in Yorkshire is here...... Woohooo bring on W4. Thanks guys, I also slowed down again so now I'm shuffling but still moving faster than walking pace and still doing it

Thanks everyone

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Yay well done you :)

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Brilliant news :-) Well done - onwards and upwards :-)


I usually found R2 of any week the toughest. R1 always seemed like a step up, so I'd fear the worst and end up pleasantly surprised. Then I'd think "oh, this is going to be OK then" and find R2 was worse than anticipated - probably about like I'd expected R1 to be. Then I'd think "oh no, R3 is going to be really hard" but because I had lower expectations and had also done the run twice before, it went fine.

Just a bit of proof that our attitude can have a huge effect on our running!

So well done for finishing W3 and enjoy W4! :)

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