W3 R2 done.....in shorts!

SHORTS! I know, I know - these white spindly things haven't seen daylight since 1982.

Horses bolted, women swept up their children into their arms and cats and small dogs scarpered as I came past.

But it was just a bit too warm this morning for the affable trackie bottoms and W3 is getting towards being a proper runner territory.

My only regret is the white dazzle temporarily blinding an unfortunate dog walker on my route.

C'mon run 3, these legs have had their taste of freedom now!


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11 Replies

  • Go you! Shorts are fab for running - I got a real feeling of freedom out of it when I dumped the leggings in spring. The dazzling white will change colour... if not, rub a bit of mud on there before you go and chant the "My mate Marmite" advert as you go.

  • I think spring passed me by, I didn't notice it and I'm still waiting for summer lol

  • Aw poo. That's tough. If it's any consolation, it's so hot here I was tempted to remove my T-shirt today & run in my sports bra, but I bumped into another runner and realized it wouldn't be fair to make someone throw up on their jog.

  • Ha ha! Yes I've felt exactly the same, not about the throwing up, but wanting to peel off my t-shirt, trouble is the old lady skin is far from attractive, I know I've got some race photos to prove it, they're ok from a distance, but get up close and oh no! I think I'll keep the t-shirt on..........


  • Y'know what? I think that gremlins apply to everything - including how we think other people see us. We were on the beach the other day and there were all sorts of bods - thin, chubby, white, tanned, droopy boobs, builder's bums, glowing skin, skin that showed it had lived an interesting life... Maybe if you and I stripped off to our undies to run then people would faint in admiration at how wonderful our bods look in our reinforced sports booby bracers and granny pants. Girl Power to the world! (apologies to Idolatorus for hijacking his post there).

  • Great post on running fashion. My legs above the knees only see the sun when running and then it's very short shorts or short tights. Feels so good. Just wait until winter - super tight tights are just as good. Enjoy the end of week 3.

  • Well done - nobody really notices others while out running most of the time, at least not around here, everyone seems to be in their own little world and at least if it is hot everyone is likely already wearing sunglasses already, so your legs won't look so white ;-)

  • I love my shorts. Was a bit self conscious for a nano second but then thought "I'm a runner therefore I wear shorts!". Short wearers unite!

  • Yes!!!! Who wears short shorts? I do!

    Previously not worn shorts since I was 10. Now proud owner of flappy nylon hotpants with mesh panels. This has even emboldened me to buy non-running shorts. They're still looking at me with their tags on, but one day soon, we will be united.

  • Woo Hoo , Oh yes ! You gotta get your legs out when you get the chance ! :-) xxx

  • Watch out world.... The beast has been unleashed! Mwhahaha!

    Get in!

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