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Unusual Running Buddies

I am lucky enough to live near a local dam and have started to incorporate this luxury into one of my current running routes. I have had to smile to myself on the last two occasions of running down the lane to the dam's entrance as I managed to acquire some running buddies. Run 1 was a squirrel who accompanied me all the way down the lane. Today Run 2 was a pheasant who somehow disappeared into a fence and then reappeared a good distance in front (I presume this was another pheasant) but it looked like it was taunting me into how fast it could go. Hoping that it may be a rabbit on Run 3, don't want the hare to match my tortoise yet.

What unusual running buddies has everyone else had?

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Sounds so lovely :-)


here in the UK so far squirrels and rabbits :) I Hate dogs and cats running with me, but it happens as well.

Got a deer once for a few seconds, that was nice, but can be dangerous... (see link below :0 )


enjoy your running :)


A duck and a Canada goose pairing who I nicknamed Darby and Joan. They ran alongside me on my trail route trying to peck my "bread" shoes. Loved them characters. Not seen them in ages. I hope they are in a retirement home quacking on the other side of their beaks


Highland Cattle in the middle of a wood.


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