The Real Central Park - Revealed!!!

The Real Central Park - Revealed!!!

OMG peeps it was amazing - Central Park 8K: Done! I've learnt to run (in secret), kept that secret for nearly 6 months and then revealed it to my beautiful daughter, Melanie, exactly as I'd planned!!! And boy was she surprised - just take a little peak at that picture captured from the video I sneakily took! She was also, shocked, amazed, gob-smacked, astounded, flabbergasted and so on haha :) Oh - and just a tad proud of her Mum ;)

Race Report: Well the forecast for the day had said 26c and 'sun & showers' - at first we were a little disappointed...but believe me when those 'showers' came down I was thankful - however they were so not exactly 'showers' more like monsoon rain never been as wet in my life - apart from bathing and swimming! When we got to the bag drop area I think I might have been hyperventilating I was that nervous (& excited) And dropping the bag I felt like a 'real' runner, this was getting serious to the starting pens..and a short wait for the 'ready, steady, go'...then we were off...Melanie kept our pace at a comfortable 7 minute ish k - and confess there were a couple of times when the hilly bits got too much for me and I had to have a little walk - but we finished the race in 1:04 which I don't think was too bad and we crossed that finish line holding hands with massive grins on our (wet) faces! :) :) :) So there you go folks and thank you so much for all your support getting me there, much love, Dee Dannatt from Grimsby (aka, CentralPark ;) )


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  • Fab, fab,fab!πŸ€‘ Such an uplifting account and HUGE congratulations. Of all the joy this running lark brings, the pride of our children and parents as we progress is just the bestπŸ‘πŸƒπŸŒŸ

  • Thank you Suebguineapig - it sure was a great day! :)

  • THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Just look at her face!! I've been checking for your post since last weekend and was thinking about you last Sunday! Hope your Melly had a wonderful birthday (she clearly did just seeing her face!) and you had a great time away. So glad you were able to do it together and all went well. An 8k race too!! A completely brilliant success story of C25k!! Well done, Dee!!! You're simple amazing!! Xxx

  • Awww thanks Melly4012 - I too was thinking about you guys during the run...gave me extra push power when those hills got tough for me! We had an absolute blast in New York - it was everything we dreamed and more :) xx

  • You did it !!!!! Massive Congratulations to you and Melanie !

    Oh it mustve been just fantastic to capture her reaction, and Well done you for managing to keep it a secret for so long !

    I am so pleased for you Dee, Couch to 8k , absolutely brilliant ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks so much poppypug :) It was a tough secret to keep and I can't believe it came off just like I'd planned - and that I actually ran 8k in Central Park! :) xx

  • Oh Dee how utterly amazing! I've been waiting for you to post. Everything happened exactly as planned! The look on her face - oh worth a fortune. Congratulations on your fantastic run and putting 'that look' on your daughters face. Superb. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hey McFitty thanks so much - it was indeed worth the fortune it cost haha! We had an absolutely brilliant time - can't believe it's been a week past already! :)

  • Love this:) your daughter's face says it all!!

  • Thank you Natasha-H - it was certainly a great reaction..the video is so funny...her voice just gets higher and higher! :)

  • Absolutely brilliant. Really pleased for you and by the look on her face no one had let the cat out the bag. It must have been a wonderful experience. I've enjoyed reading your updates leading up to the reveal. Glad it all went to plan.

  • Thanks OldWheezer - glad you've enjoyed the posts, you guys have been a great source of strength in this whole thing! x

  • I have been waiting for this post and that face! Absolutely brilliant! I am so happy that everything went well in Central Park and love the fact that you ran and finished together! Fantastic! Goosebumpingly fantastic!

  • Awwww IbenCopenhagen that's so sweet of you - we certainly did run together and finish together - it was brilliant to do that! :)

  • Well done, what an amazing thing to do and your daughters reaction was the icing on the cake. How on earth did you keep your running a secret? Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Hi Janec25k, thank you - that reaction was worth all the training haha! Keeping the secret was almost as hard as the training - and if you knew me well you'd know that me and secrets don't usually mix ;)

  • Love it! Brought tears to my eyes! A huge well doneπŸ‘πŸ’

  • Mine too JaySeeSkinny, mine too! :)

  • How absolutely wonderful. You are a star - no wonder your daughter is so proud of you. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Awww thanks OldPossum - she did say she was proud of her Mum ;) xx

  • Lovely, lovely post! Photo of your daughter is ace :-) Well done for finishing.

  • Thanks RunningGeek - it's pretty good isn't it :) Worth all the training!

  • WOW what a great surprise!! Well done on your 8K

  • Thanks b275 - that was a hard won 8k :)

  • One of the best running stories ever.......... beautiful!!

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Awww thanks IannodaTruffe - it was worth all the hard work and keeping my mouth zipped heehee - oh and I do plan on keeping up the running...I even bought myself a new pair of running shoes in a shop off Central Park...I'll do a 10k one day!!

  • What a fabulous post! I love it! So well done to you both and that picture just says it all really πŸ€—

  • Thanks Irishprincess - I think you're right - that picture sums it up :)

  • Oh that's so good. Have been waiting for this post. So pleased you got a photo - and enjoyed it. What a proud story for your daughter to tell her friends. Well done.xx

  • Hi ancientrunner and thank you - I'm so happy to be able to come home and tell you all it went as planned :) x

  • Fantastic! Was just wondering how you got on earlier today! Brilliant scheming and secret keeping and lots of hard work! and what an amazing surpise!😊great photo!πŸ˜†

  • Hey aliboo70, you're so right, the scheming and secret keeping was almost as hard as the training heehee - glad the cat's finally out the bag! :) x

  • Awwwwwww this is lovely!!!! so happy you pulled it off!!! Well done 😊😊😊

  • Thanks LinaLamont - it took a lot of planning but I did it - and the reward was that look and running that race :)

  • Fantastic! You are amazing. I bet your daughter was absolutely bowled over!

  • Thanks so much Ullyrunner - my daughter was certainly taken by surprise by her mum! Quite a birthday all round :)

  • Wow, you did it... 😊😊😊 So pleased for you.. your daughter must be so proud of her amazing mum. GO YOU.

  • Hey Jan-now-runs I certainly did - and now I can breathe - it was a great to run with my daughter and we're going to do more of it now :)

  • Congratulations x

  • thank you Polly x

  • Aaahhh! This is so great. What a great surprise. And great race report. What is the running plan from here?

  • Hi runswithdogs - running plan? Well to defo keep on running...throw in a few park runs...and build up to a 10k ready for the Grimsby 10k next year :) We're going to get all the 'secret' Facebook group who've supported me who can make it down to Grimsby for a Group Run to celebrate us all too :) x

  • Brilliant, huge well done 😎

  • Thanks ju-ju :)

  • Great story! 😊 you sure we'll crack 10k! No worries ☺

  • Thanks misswobble - it took some doing ;) Looking forward to getting that 10 under my belt but I'm going to take it steady and follow the rules :)

  • It all turned out so brilliantly. Well done for pulling it off and creating such surprise and lovely memories for you and your daughter. Hope you both run together again.☺

  • Hi ddd4 - thanks muchly, it certainly did turn out just fine :) Definitely made some memories for all time and we'll definitely run together again - Park Run for sure :0 x

  • Simply amazing, to see the look on your daughters face! All that planning and it just goes to show....that - that girl did!!

    What a fabulous time you had together - well done 🍾✨🍾✨🍾

    ✨✨✨✨Dee from Grimsby - what a star✨✨✨✨

  • Awww thanks Ellymeg - it makes me smile to think about it again :) All the years of talking and planning our New York trip finally came off - with extra added surprise bonus things too - memories made :) xx

  • Great to read this, haven't been on here as much but was wondering how the surprise went! Well done for managing to keep quiet so long as well as for doing the run!!

  • Hey heavyhorse - glad you caught the post :) It was a great surprise and a great run - good memories for all the hard work :)

  • Wowzers! That is just amazing, I love your post.

    Big well done to you. You and your daughter should be extremely proud of you β˜ΊπŸ‘ŒπŸƒ x

  • Thanks Pinkangel16 - it's certainly been a birthday to remember :)

  • Fabulous report! Love the picture - she must have been so proud of you! :) What a buzz!

  • Thanks mcgurranhouse - she said she was really proud of her mad mother! ;) And it was (and continues) to be a buzz :)

  • Only just caught up with your news - congratulations! What an amazing thing to do with your daughter, who certainly looks surprised! It sounds like a great run, and a fabulous occasion.

    Good luck for your future running adventures, and I hope you can return to New York soon, it's a wonderful city.

  • Hi Eatcakeandrun - thanks so much - it really was pretty amazing to be running with my girl - have to say on looking at the pictures now she looks absolutely beautiful in them all - even after the monsoon rains - whilst along side her I definitely look like I've been dredged up from the rain-swamped lands hahaha! I'm off out to buy a head band now ;) Oh, and New York really is a wonderful and beautiful city - not sure if I'll get back but my daughter definitely has it on her list for her and the hubby :) xx (and maybe her own daughter one day.....who knows, stranger things happen....)

  • Wonderful story and picture. I just got back from holiday and looked you up to check if you'd finally done it. This is the sort of story that is so inspiring and yet slightly frustrates me that that doctors, government etc don't get out there and sing from the rooftops what a wonderful free and healthy resource C25k is. Any journalists out there should be interviewing you!!! Well done. Amazing.

  • Awww jo4t15 I've only just seen your post, many thanks for your well wishes - it seems like an age ago already now - but oh the memories :) You're right without C25k I wouldn't be a runner now - it's such a brilliant idea and so perfect in the way it teaches each and everyone of us who've tried it just how to run - and kept us going so that in the end, despite the ups and downs and doubts and injuries we do become runners! xx

  • Brilliant!

    That must have been a great day for both of you and a fantastic reward for all your hard work.

  • Hey secan - thanks so much - I'd locked myself out of my account - always doing things like that with technology - and only just seen your message - it sure was a great reward for all that hard work - still not sure which was harder the running or keeping my mouth shut and the secret safe haha! :)

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