Regent's Park 5k BHF run

Regent's Park 5k BHF run

Hello everybody!

Well, today was the big day. My cough had kept me indoors and well away from running since graduation, so I felt a little nervous as well as excited this morning. I followed some people already wearing their numbers from the tube station to the correct part of Regent's Park. They were tall and trim ladies, and I worried for a bit about whether I'd physically be up to the challenge today. 

I arrived with plenty of time to spare and queued for my free t-shirt. I was surprised by how quickly the line moved, and how friendly the volunteers were! The man who handed me my shirt wished me a great run. 

I waited around for a bit until my cousin arrived. She had done a 10mile run yesterday and is running a half marathon next week, so I felt like a little baby next to her, but she was so encouraging and lovely. She gave me lots of advice and took lots of pictures for me. We made fun of the warm-up dances that they were doing to get the crowd pumped, although it did add to my excitement. 

Eventually the race started. I ditched Laura and had my own music - remixes of video game music and some upbeat songs to keep me going. 

I was overtaken by a lot of people, and I in time overtook a lot of people. Over my music I could hear the other runners chatting, and I was reminded of what a nice community we're part of. There were runners of all shapes, sizes and ages, and I berated myself for my earlier self-consciousness. I was doing great because I was doing it. The words of a student who'd been in my walking group at D of E came back to me - "Go at your own pace, Ma'am, don't be in a rush. Enjoy your run!". I was shocked, then, when Runkeeper chimed in and said I was running at around 11.27 seconds per mile! I just focused on going ahead. 

Regent's Park is lovely. Little children watched in awe, postponing their football games as we ran past. Many people were cheering as I admired the scenery. Partway around I saw two camels in the zoo! It was very different from my usual route of 'the streets around near where I live.' It has inspired me to be more adventurous! :-) I will have to run the sea front before I leave Southend. 

I remembered the briefing pack saying that the run is flat. Well, if I can't put a spirit level down and have the bubble in the middle, it ain't flat! I was surprised, therefore, when there were a few hills. They weren't too bad until this big one at around 2.3 miles in where I slowed to a walk. 'You need to save some in your tank for the final stretch', I told myself. A lot of others slowed to a walk as well. 

I saw a young lady holding a sign saying 'Tap this sign for a power up!'. As a video game fan, I loved the Mario reference, and after that hill I needed it! I tapped the sign, said "Yeah!" and even jumped a little!!

Several speedy people ran past me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I kept on going, overtaking those tall and trim ladies I'd followed to get to the park. I saw the finish line and saw my cousin standing there with a coffee, taking pictures. I waved and grinned and kept on going. I was determined to make it a photo finish!! 

As I rounded the corner back up to the start line, I noticed the clock - and I sped up so much I could barely see! I made it over the finish line at just after 34 minutes, but as I hadn't been at the front when I started, my cousin assured me I'd done a sub 34minute 5k. I was shocked, especially as I had walked up that hill!! 

I collected my medal from the same man who had handed me my shirt - he congratulated me and I thankfully accepted more water. The run was extremely well-organised and I thoroughly enjoyed it! We then went for a well-deserved lunch and we caught up. Sadly the last time we saw each other, it had been at my Nana's funeral, so this time was lovely. We chatted as if we speak all the time, and not as if it had last been just under 5 years ago! 

I feel very proud of myself for today. I had no idea how happy I'd feel, but here I am!! I must admit, I got home and after showering took a quick nap, but after the run I felt unbeatable. :-) Thank you to everyone on here for the encouragement and support, too - I imagined you guys cheering me on alongside my wonderful cousin! :-)

Good luck to all you other runners out there this Easter weekend! :-) :-) :-)


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24 Replies

  • Yay! Well done you! What a lovely write up - it sounds like there was a really lovely atmosphere and you bagged yourself a great time and a fab bit of bling! All in all, job done!!

  • Go you sweetie!

    Lovely post and a wonderful pikkie.. and don't you look pleased!!! ( And so, so young..makes me feel really old )! :)

    You did brilliantly, especially after being so crocked...You have done so well. :)

    What a super day for you, and to meet up with your cousin again, too.

    Have a well deserved rest.. and maybe a glass of wine?

    Happy Easter! :) x

  • No wine for me, I got terribly drunk on my last day and don't want to go near alcohol for a bit!! :-D Lol, all I think about the piccy is how dark my eyes look... I blame my (old!) job! :-D

  • You look great... take a glass of water then.. sparkling of course...

    You did brilliantly! :)

  • It sounds like you've had a great day.

    Well done you, good time too 😀

  • I think your picture says it all, what a great day!

  • Super proud :)

    Well done, sounds great!

  • Woohoo! Well done you - a great time and a great write-up, can feel you buzzing from here :)

  • Brilliant well done!lovely post and photo!😊

  • Well done! sounds lovely, and a medal woo hoo! You should be very proud x

  • The bling sweetens the deal! :-) 

  • Yay well done you!

  • Brilliant ! Really enjoyed reading that , you made me feel as if I was there with you !

    Great photo and bling , fantastic ! 

    Well done you , Many Congratulations ! Xxx

  • What a great post! And what a great run!

    That is the best way I can imagine to come back after your forced pause from running. I'm very happy for you! :)

  • Thanks!! It was rubbish being house-bound, glad to be back out there :-)

  • Great post, Brilliant well done , so pleased for you :D

  • Congrats well done 👏 The 🏅 Was well deserved they are a wonderful charity who cared for My Father who had chronic heart decease but they paid for a nurse to visit him weekly until his death.. I support them and look forward to doing a run raising money for them when I graduate... Again well done and have a rest and enjoy the rest of Easter. 🐰 The Easter Bunny may visit you....

  • Aww, Bear! I'm sorry to hear about your father. It sounds like he had great care :-) They are an amazing organisation, and they do so many events to get involved in - don't think I could have done the dechox (no chocolate for a month), personally, so running it is for me :-) 

  • I'm doing this for them in May

  • Great post! Very well done and do revel in your glory, you deserve it. I am just a week 1  novice, but that post is complete inspiration. Also, thank you for running for BHF. I have just lost a cousin (53). Not sick, no idea he had heart disease, went to bed and didn't wake up. Many congrats!

  • Good luck on your Couch25K journey!! 'A journey of 1000miles begins with a single step' - you've taken that first step!! :-) I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. Fortunately there is no family history for me of heart problems, but I know the great work BHF do and I felt proud to run for them today, hopefully my donations will go a long way :-)

  • Well done. Fantastic achievement. You may have inspired me to find a run for after my graduation. Three weeks to go. 

  • Oooh, well done for getting so far in the plan! It's getting serious now :-P I think I signed up to 2 runs at the week 6/7 mark, I encourage you to do it!! It really keeps you going and because people can see your progress they're more likely to donate because they can see all your hard work :-) Good luck for the rest of the plan... And do sign up for a run :-) 

  • Thanks. Problem is I've not really told anyone I've doing this as don't want to fail and then have everyone asking me how it's going. but I may try and book on to a run. Keep the mind focuses and all that. 

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