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Running doesn't let me down!

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Hi all you fellow runners, I haven't posted for a while, having moved back to Egypt into a new apartment and starting a new job, it has been a mad time ... things haven't gone quite to plan for various reasons and it has been pretty stressful. I won't even go into all the ins and outs of it! Anyway, today was particularly irritating. I decided to go to the gym and run .. all those stresses and strains seemed to melt away on the treadmill and I was happy to manage 32 minutes - had quite a few 15 min runs recently where I felt just exhausted and couldn't do more - I think acclimatising to the heat again plus new job, new flat all getting on top of me. I decided to have a week's rest from running, and do some swimming instead and then came back to it today. Very very happy to complete 32 mins and actually felt like I could have done even more! So, I think today's message, if you feel like you are failing, maybe slow down a bit (as I did today) and give yourself a break (as I had) and remember that a good run will not leave you with the energy to worry too much about anything! Egypt is severely letting me down at the moment, but running is not :)

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"a good run will not leave you with the energy to worry too much about anything!" I LOVE THAT! Really hope that Egypt stops letting you down. I've heard so much about your exploits and it's lovely to hear the running isn't letting you down :)

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Aw, sorry you're having a difficult time of it Cairokitten. So glad the running gives you some respite from the everyday !

I hope things get better soon.

I have been wondering how life in Egypt has been going for you. Thanks for update. Great to hear your running is keeping going x

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Sorry to hear youre having a stressful time Kitten.

Hang on in there and I hope life is better for you soon .

Well done on your run today :-) xxx

I hope thinks settle for u soon x

I find running to be a great stress buster.

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So glad to hear from you - I've been wondering, and won't be the only one. It sounds as though you've had a very sound strategy for making the most of what life gives you.

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Great to hear you are running again and it is helping you through a tough old time. 👏🏼👏🏼

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That's such a great quote: "A good run will not leave you with the energy to worry too much about anything else." Wise words indeed. Really hope things improve for you soon :)

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Hope things settle down in Egypt soon. Running is a great way of coping and I'm sure you'll have everything sorted soon. Good luck!

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I thought you'd gone a bit quiet, I was taking that as a good sign! But oops, wrong again!

Hang in there, iron out those creases and look forward not back, fingers crossed it settles down for you soon and the stress melts away, x

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Good to hear from you 🙂

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Just wondering how you are CK You were such an inspiration in my beginning days in the programme. I hope all is well with you :)

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You still vertical and breathing CK? Just mentioned you now answering a post - hope life is good for you since your departure :) Drop by if get this OK? :)

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