Preparing for winter running

I have loved the warm summer but as I trained and graduated for C25k in the winter, I have fond memories of crisp winter runs and some sloshy mud slipping runs too. Bought myself a couple of head tubes today and had fun trying different ways of wearing it. Some were more attractive than others. At one stage, think I resembled a olive from Off the Buses! Never mind, I will feel cosy and warm when the temperatures drop. Anyone else hankering for winter?


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  • Yes, yes and yes. Ooh, Olive, and Stan and Arthur. Happy days. I tried wearing a headband to keep sweat out of my hair. Unsuccessful and the same visuals!

  • Feels cosy to have my ears covered, yearning to get warm. Lots of videos on You Tube on how to find different ways to use the head tube. My husband and I had a fun 20 minutes trying them out. Neighbours will think we have lost it, so closed the blinds eventually! LOL

  • Yes I am ๐Ÿ˜Š we were discussing this very topic at jog group. Bring it on โ˜บ

    Being fit is the main thing, and if fit, the weather matters not

  • I can't wait for the cooler weather and misty mornings. Love the autumn just as it's going into Winter. Can't wait to run then..

  • Me too, great to enjoy the dry ground though but some mud and mist is also fun

  • It must be only runners who pine for the winter months. Bring it on :-)

  • I'm not really looking forward to it :( We get a lot of ice and snow around here for a couple of months and the Park is treacherous to even walk around. The pathways along the streets are also very slippery and usually blocked with ploughed snow from the roads. The gyms indoor track is laughable - would ahve to run it thirty times or something to rack up a mile and there is always horrible canned music and walkers dawdling all over the track :( I might have to resort to treadmills, I dunno :(

  • Could you get spikes/ crampons for running on the ice? There must be a way but you need to stay safe, what a shame the treadmill is truly horrific

  • I never thought of that, Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JJ is right. You can run on ice and snow. Little slip on spikes work for completely icy conditions, but usually I just run in my regular shoes, slower and with smaller steps. And I usually buy a new pair of shoes for the fall so they have new grips. I haven't fallen yet, but I fall lots walking every winter. A running friend swears the extra speed keeps you upright. I encourage you to try it before buying a gym pass.

  • Will do, Thank you โ˜บ

  • I will miss the light evenings, but I will be glad of cooler weather for my longer runs as I progress through the programme. Saying that, any recommendations for where I can get some decent hi-vis gear for those darker days?

  • Cool autumn days.... Can't wait! Today's Parkrun was a real struggle in the heat.

  • really interesting reading these post I started c25k in May and now built up to 10k one of my main concerns is how do I keep this up during the winter months. Normally I love the cold but most of the runs I di are on country lanes. I would be interested in how the more seasoned runners adjust during the winter months

  • As for all seasons, treat yourself to some suitable items, running gloves, long sleeved top, long tights, head tube, high vis vest, maybe a head torch - fun all the way. Keeps it interesting as the seasons change. Winter is my favourite

  • It's very easy to overdress in winter. You shouldn't be warm on your warm-up walk or its going to be a very hot run. Good wool socks, a windproof shell and an appropriate hat are essential. The hat can be just ear covers, a toque or for the coldest days a face covering Balaklava. That combined with a thin long sleeved top will take me to -20.

  • Nope not me - it'll come soon enough!

    I actually enjoy my running in all the seasons!

  • I think I like Spring and Autumn best . Spring because everything starts bursting into life and Autumn just has a lovely feel to the air and a lot cooler :-)

    Don't like it when its hot and muggy , and I don't run in ice and snow, but much prefer the Winter temperatures as I get too hot when running anyway :-) xxx

  • Oh, the beloved winter evenings when nobody else is around and the road is all yours... I'm looking forward to it!

  • Yes! Summer is my least favourite time to run but Autumn is perfect. All the mists and smell of woodsmoke. Mind you, a sparkly, frosty winter's day is gorgeous too. And what about spring in all its newly green growth and fresh buds..........

  • I ran in ice and snow, but very carefully with Yaktrax things on my feet (or the Bettaware equivalent) Being seen is important. Most run jackets, shoes and tights come with reflective strips etc on them. You can get flashing arm bands cheap enough from the pound shop. A running torch is a must if you're running in the dark. I love mine! Teafairy recommended it - Lenser one which cost about ยฃ18. There are plenty of threads here about winter running gear

  • One of the joys of running for me is being in touch with the changing seasons. I'm not really a hot weather person but I've enjoyed running early morning in the summer and will miss it. At the moment I'm running around sunrise and have seen some beautiful pink skies. I do enjoy running on cool crisp days but am dreading snow and ice in winter!! However hot it gets in summer I can still run if I get up early enough but I'm not risking injury falling on ice.

  • I can't wait, Autumn running is my favourite and I find running in the heat really hard. Is that like a buff??? Even if it's snowing I still get too hot with something on my head. I wore gloves once but I was on a 19 mile long run so I needed them!!!!

  • I'm very much stuck in the here and now and hasn't given any thought to a change in the weather. Good excuse to go window shopping again I think and dream of my next running purchase! Thanks for the push...

  • Even a new pair of running socks can give me a boost!

  • I'm looking forward to the cooler runs, really struggling with the heat,

    Only graduated a few weeks back and I'm worried about running on dark mornings - I live in a quiet village and currently feel ok running early morning but do you feel safe running in the dark?

  • It is for me, I run in town if it is dark or at weekends, can use some all weather tracks in the woods. I wouldn't run on roads even in the light though, it is so busy here. Are u running on roads?

  • I often run in the dark. Most people have to go out in the dark at some point, so running in it is no different. As long as you can see and be seen โ˜บ

    I ran onto the trail recently on an evening run but it got too dark to see where I was going so I headed back to the road. I was surprised at how quickly it went dark. Silly me!

    I might treat myself to a real wool running top this winter

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