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Winter running

A bit of info required from our more advanced posters please.

I know we have only just started August but my thoughts are already starting towards getting kitted out for thoses colder, darker, wetter months.

I started in late march and apart from a few sharp mornings, the weather has been pretty fantastic.

What do you suggest I purchase for winter runs?

Much obliged.

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Wind proof lightweight jacket to keep the wind out, high wicking hat and gloves and you can buy high wicking thermal running tops that feel thicker and soft on the inside you can get them in full length legging for your legs too and I found I only needed these as a single layer last year which wasn't that chilly (only started running last Oct so I'm yet to go through a cold winter!) layers are always a better option than 1 mega thick thing too. all of mine were picked up pretty cheap so it needn't cost a fortune, happy winter running planning! :)


Thanks fir that. Do you have lights or reflective running clothes or something of that nature?


Both my warm top and wind jacket were lumo yellow, not that it stopped someone trying to reverse off their drive into me so keep your eyes out for idiots! :)


I bought this Adidas running jacket in the sales (in preparation for winter) - you can't see it in the pic but it has a light-reflective grid pattern on it that shows up brilliantly in car headlights etc.


Full length leggings

Headband to cover ears without making head sweat

Definitely gloves

Bought some compression undies at Aldi which are excellent as an under layer

Wind proof jacket

Buff for really cold days

It's hard to get it right - you need layers as it can be freezing when you set out but you will still be sweating by the time you have finished!


You've got me thinking about what to wear to be seen - think I'll wear a high visibility / fluorescent (yellow) sleeveless jacket. I picked mine up cheaply at aldi along with a long sleeve one and I use them to cycle in the evenings as it's already getting dark earlier isn't is. They're well vented and keep the wind off as well as being high viz!

It's funny because I spent the time doing c25k not wanting to be seen and running when it was dark - now planning to make sure I'm seen :)

My trainers and Capri run shorts also have those white reflector strips. Noticed Wiggle (on line ) have a sale on at the moment too and they had a very bright pair of fluoro socks! Happy shopping ...


I got my waterproof running jacket from Aldi too, lumo yellow and can be seen from Mars. I've got a pink Karrimor one as well. Most pants and shoes have reflective strips on them

I wear a hat but no gloves. I wear my running top under my lightweight jacket. I tried to run in a fleece but I only did it once. You get surprisingly warm even in freezing weather


Thanks all. I have a lightweight dri-fit jacket. Leggings, headwear and gloves seem seem to be a must. I do recall my hands being cold on my earlier C25K runs.

Hopefully a mild winter awaits :D


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