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Starting out and leg pain- any advice?

Hello everyone! I'm starting my weight loss and fitness journey (10 days down!) and I came across this website so I thought I may as well ask for some advice.

I started C25k today and I'm amazed I managed to do the full work out- I'm not entirely unfit, I cycle and swim a lot but I've always hated running. I started C25k on a bit of a whim and I actually enjoyed the run more than I expected but I have one problem- I have this pain in the front of my calves that I don't know how to get rid of. It's more sore when I stop running/ walking, I've had shin splints before (about a year ago from playing footie) and it doesn't feel like that. Any suggestions on stretches focusing on that area?

I'm also keen for any other advice on weight loss and motivation to get and stay fit. I'm a size 18 now and I would love to be a size 12 by summertime- excited to be part of this community, hopefully we all reach our goals (whatever they may be)


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Firstly. welcome... secondly, now you have found us, then please, stay..:)

I think many of us felt fit when starting, but the running highlighted areas where we were not as fit as we thought:) Also, carrying some extra weight too can make it a tad harder to get going.

Our running muscles really need time to warm up and build up...hence the length of this programme:) This C25K is just the beginning of the process:)

Warming up, really well is essential and stretching afterwards, even more...

Strength and Flex exercises on rest days too may help...

Check out this extremely useful post and the links, there is a wealth of sound, tired and tested advice there. This has been compiled by one our excellent team:)


Thank you! I hope to stay on- feeling a motivation I have never felt before to get in shape (I’m only just out of my teens and I’ve been vastly overweight during my teens so it’s time for a change). I hoping by my 21st birthday in April I will have this programme complete and be able to run for 30 minutes (something I’ve never been able to do)

Thanks as well for the links, I’m starting strength and flex tomorrow and I’m still working out all the warm up and cool down exercises (I only seemed to remember the ones we did in PE in school so I refresher is needed haha)


Well done! a lot get niggles at the start of c25k especially with legs, try slowing down, remember slow n steady! Make sure shoes have good cushioning, never run through bad pain, restup and massage the area..

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Thanks! I went pretty slow today (in fact I could swear I was going considerably slower than my walking pace although Nike Run tells me otherwise). I think the issue may be my trainers (They're getting old and are a bit loose on my feet), bought a new pair of trainers but they have less cushioning (the previous pair were a gift and had lovely memory foam inside, these ones are bought on a student budget 😛) Thanks for the tips, I've been massaging the area with a hand held roller and its worked a treat!

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Many basic questions are covered here

Enjoy your journey.

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Thank you!


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