Couch to 5K

Wk 7 done!

Is anyone finding the longer runs more tough mentally than physically? I am hoping to be able to get onto the zone described by a friend who runs as 'I feel like I'm flying'. For me it is currently 'I feel like stopping!' for pretty much the whole run.

How do you all switch off this feeling?

Also, I think as I'm doing the longer runs I'm a bit more aware of the 5km I'm working towards - and realising that at my current pace I'm going to be way off 5k in 30 mins running. I think I need to do less thinking about the distance.

However, on a more positive note, I was feeling a bit frustrated after the final 25 min run the other day - then suddenly thought 'here I am, sitting outside a cafe WEARING LYCRA and having just run for 25 mins! Who would have thought it a couple of weeks ago! ' important to look back and see the progress as well as forward on the programme?

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Well done Tess! Keep it there your doing great! It can be really tough, totally stop thinking about distance! You only need to be able to jog just above walking speed for 30 mins for graduation, and as you do graduate only think about running for 30 mins and keep at that 3 times a week, remember for now and into the near future after graduation forget about distance & speed, it will come naturally if you keep at it. Push through those gremlins, as long as you have no physical pains, there's no gain without some mind pain! But it doe's get easier in time as you get fitter, believe us! take it steady!😊

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Well done, it's best not to think too far ahead. As you'll see from other posts if need be repeat weeks. Work to your own goals week by week you will get there. Everyone ,me included, say that they find it hard at times and not progress every week. As for the pain I particularly in first 5 to 10 minutes think "Why am I doing this, my legs ache". Then I say "well I did it last week what's changed. Your legs ached then so what. Get on with it you wuss" !

As for the aches I find that after the aching muscles kick in they reach a peak and after about 10 minutes and become "normal". As time goes on after weeks of running they still ache but not as much and gets easier. As you step up the distance you start to take the ache for granted. Anyway take it steady it's all progress . Any exercise beats being a couch potato !

One day you will have a good day and want to push on. That happened on my run this Wednesday. did my usual 6 laps of local lake and did extra half a lap then thought to myself "Why bother to stop and walk half a lap. I feel good why nor run and finish the lap". And I did ! Felt great. I stepped up a gear. Now seen 7 instead of 6 laps as normal. But I won't beat myself up if I only do 6 sometimes. Sometimes ,as in nature, things change in leaps rather than gradually !

As for the Lycra . Not for me perhaps I don't want to frighten the wildlife or the Natives.

I don't mind being Mr "Baggy Pants"


Good for you. We have to remind ourselves that if there were no setbacks from time to time then it would probably mean that the programme is too easy to be of any use. As for that zone, I have some tracks in my playlist ready for when I get there. Someday.........!

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Well done. As the posts above have said don't start focusing on the distance yet just concentrate on the 30 minutes. Always look back at how far you have come. I still feel like stopping so I mentally say to myself get past the first 5 minutes, then get to 15 and you can stop, once I get past 15 I say get to 20 and if you really can't do it stop. Usually I get past the 20 and think well you are here now you may as well get to 30. I always look at the points I used to jog too and thought I won't be able to do this but I have. I also listen to music and count down songs (quite handy when you are listening to a 4 minute track).

We are our own worst critics and we need to remember we are amazing.

I haven't yet got to the point where I feel like I am flying but I do feel pretty good each time I complete a 30 minute jog.

You can do this :-)


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