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Wk 7, run 2 done (4 days ago) and my knees are stuffed πŸ˜”

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Feeling very sad and dejected as I've had to stop. Knee pain is too severe to continue for now. I suspect it was too much shock moving from the treadmill to the trails on week 7 with non-stop 25 minute runs. Probably needed to go back a few weeks in the program to get the legs used to ground-slogging. So I'll concentrate on rehab for a few weeks and see how they are feeling.

And yes ..... I was running slowly! And thoroughly warming up. And hydrating well. And stretching afterwards.

So p!ssed off! Was really enjoying the progress and especially being outside. Hope you're all still here when the knees are feeling ready again! Happy running all!

16 Replies
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So sorry to hear this ! I'm sure I remember one of your earlier posts you saying you were going to wait untill after graduation to take it outside ?

Week 7 on trails for the first time off the treadmill was probably a bit of a shock to the knees !

They will recover , may take a little time though.

My first off road was a 10k and was a bit of a shock to the knee's.

I'm sure you will be back soon but might be worth finishing the program on the treadmill?

Thanks for replying and apologies for taking so long to acknowledge .... busy couple of days. Yes, you're right, I was going to complete the program indoors but at the end of week 6 with the 25 minute run I decided I needed some mental distractions! The knees were feeling a bit tender even before I commenced week 7 outside but once the muscles warmed up pre-run I (stupidly?) thought it was ok to proceed with running.

So I'll spend a few more days doing rehab work and then either recommence on the treadmill or go back a few weeks in the program and stay on the trails!

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Are you doing any leg strengthening exercises as linked to in the guide to the plan?

They will make all the difference.

Is your footfall under your body when you run?

I absolutely KNEW you would ask me that (as you absolutely no da truffe!) and the answer is yes, a little bit. For a couple of days, back when you first suggested it. But .... umm .... they made my knees hurt so I stopped. 😬 I wasn't sure if you meant for me to stop running while I was doing the knee strengthening work. I suspect I should have?And the footfall thing .... I look down to check that regularly and it seems that it may be slightly forward rather than directly beneath me. It's difficult to ascertain without being video'd. I keep going back to the slow running video which says to run on the spot and then gradually move forward.

Sorry for delayed reply! Been under the pump. Knees are beginning to feel stronger and when I walk up stairs I don't feel like such a cripple! I'll keep working on improving them before I run again.

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to JoeyCoops

This FAQ Post about posture may help healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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Sorry to hear that. I'd agree that going directly from treadmill to trails, at this point in the programme, was probably too much. If you're running in road shoes that won't help either.

Have a rest, and then take the trails more gradually when you're back. Happy running!

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Thanks for your suggestions. I'm impatient to get back out there! But I want to be pain free too so it's a little frustrating! I was already running very slowly so it must be that my muscles need to be stronger. πŸ™‚

I have been running outside from day 1, and I found that my knees were painful from the get go until wk5 - and in weeks 4 and 5 I had to take 2 or 3 days recovery. Then, with the last wk 5 run it all passed. Hopefully you'll also find it's a passing phase, that extended recovery will sort out.

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JoeyCoops in reply to RunDone

Wow that must have been great to have the soreness disappear on its own. I probably should have rested more days as you did.

Squats are a really great and easy way of strengthening your knees- 10 whilst you are in the shower, 10 whilst you clean your teeth. another 10 whilst the kettle boils- well you get the picture- start with reps of 10 x 3 and build up to wherever you want to go!

I love this idea ... and since reading your suggestion last night I've been squatting frequently! Thanks!!

I had this problem too and could not make straight runs in the later weeks. It's ok , just listen to your body. In the earlier weeks we are still moving but with more rest so for me that's what counts.

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Oh, damn knees! Having arthritis (mild) in both knees, the knee strengthening exercises are a must for me! Take a little rest, but I don't think you necessarily need to go back a few weeks in the programme. You might find a rest sorts it out, of course with lots of knee strengthening in the meantime. Please don't be discouraged and good luck.

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Sorry to hear this. So disappointing to get so far then have to stop. Hopefully your knees will recover quickly. Maybe finish the program on the treadmill when you are better then gradually start running outside again.

I got up to week 5 run 3 and felt happy with completing my first 20 minute run with no problem at the time. But the next morning was a different story. I woke with the worst knee pain and had to be on crutches for 2 weeks! The pain has now subsided thank goodness. I think me being overweight didn’t help my poor knee joints! So I will try to get back to it one day when I am at least 2-3 stone lighter! I’m gutted but know I need to be lighter on my toes to keep my knees happy! Rest up and enjoy your healing time. Good luck. Hopefully I’ll see you back on here on top form again!

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Yes, damn these injuries ! Purely anecdotal from an older runner with a dodgy left knee after a ski accident and an ACL operation many years ago. I found that when I’m running and my left knee hurts, I always try and run β€˜taller’ ( i think when i get a bit tired , my body slumps and this puts more pressure on my knee? ) … and never look down always look up πŸ˜‰

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