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First 5K! In under 30 mins! On W6R3!

I just completed my first ever 5K run and it feels amazing! I'm only on W6R3, so I was only meant to be running for 25 minutes, but for the first time I took my phone out with me and used an app that told me how far I'd gone, and by the end of the podcast I felt fine, so I couldn't help but push myself for another five minutes. I ended up sprinting the final 30 seconds to finish in under 30 mins (just!). This programme is truly incredible. In Week 1 I was struggling with one-minute runs!

I know the general advice is to stick to the programme (and that advice has served me very well up till now), but seeing as I felt comfortable with the full 5K today, is there any reason why I shouldn't just carry on doing 5K runs from now on?

Thanks! :)

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Well done! But, you should really stay with the programme, OK, you have felt comfy today, but pushing it early may lead to should build to 5km gradually..


Again, well done - but I'd also advise you to stick with the programme. Sorry if that makes me sound like a spoil sport :(

Unless you only have the aim of running 5k (which you've now done, so you could stop...), presumably you started C25K to improve your fitness. Overdoing things, running too fast and sprinting can all lead to injury. Stick to the programme for 3 more weeks (not very long in the scheme of things). Then you can work on improving your speed and/or distance through the C25K+ podcasts or other means.

You can set yourself some goals for the medium and long term, but do remember that the runs are meant to be "easy" (remember what a joke that would have sounded in W1R1). Try to make sure you can talk while you're running. That's the ideal speed for you to be improving your fitness and stamina.



Thanks for the replies, guys. I know you're right. I will go back to sticking to the programme.

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