3 k

Tonight I have ran a slow but enjoyable 3 k in the park in a very wet Manchester :-) .Pace maker doing so well , and I am enjoying the security of knowing my pulse on my new tom tom watch ( BD presi from husband last week )

I think the weather is set to improve tomorrow again so have a dog walk planned with my boys ( lab and new foster springer spaniel , Bassett now gone to his forever home ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ˜€)

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  • Well done Mollydex !

    That must be very reassuring for you knowing your pulse/heart rate on your new watch .

    Ive not been long back from my run in a very wet Manchester too ! Oh it was so lovely after the energy sapping weather weve been having , loved it ! :-)

    Enjoy your walk tomorrow with the chaps ! xxx

  • Happy BD for last week๐ŸŽlovely to hear you're right back at it :)

  • Oh, how I would love to be in cool, rainy Manchester. It is still boiling here. I hate it for running and the dog hates it for walking and spends the whole time looking for any bit of water or muddy puddle to lie in. And I used to love the heat. Well done on the run!

  • Ha ha Suebguineapig , its amazing how running changes our view on the weather isn't it ? Im always checking the forecast thinking, Oooh that will be nice and cool , good for a run :-)

    It is very warm again here today, the weather is nuts at the moment, so changeable . Roll on Autumn ! :-) xxx

  • Yes it really just changes your outlook. I am fantasising about another run from dad's in Manchester (well Bury actually, think I am being a bit Manchestercentric, but we grew up in Man). Am looking forward to the Autumn and cool air on the skin!

  • That's great Moolydex!

  • I'm just down the road from you and aldi enjoyed my run in the rain last nightโ˜”๏ธโ˜”๏ธ

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