10 k race!

10 k race!

I did it but it didn't go that well but I finished the HILLY course but not in the time I'd have liked. However, it was due to a log jam at the start. Grrrr. If only ......

Majorly irritated though as I forgot to stop my Garmin! I stopped it when I got home! Double grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! So, I have to faff about with it in Strava, to lop the end off. What a berk!

Here's the medal. Bit naff to be honest but hey it's medalry so I'm not complaining. Good fundraiser for local scouts so big up to them for organising the event

My time was 55.33 mins which is an average pace of 5.33 (for those of you who like stats). I had hoped the complete within 54.21 minutes. The fastest woman in my age group, which today was 50-59 years, was 46 MINUTES!!!! Bloody hell!


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37 Replies

  • Well done Miss W!!! And Bling as well! That's a really good pace for 10K! Well, it would be for me.... You're doing us proud, take the rest of the day off! :)

  • Very well done Miss W - There's an awful lot of Grrr-ing going on there for a very impressive time - log-jams and Garmin stopping problems are not an obstacle to a person of your induptitable talents. Well run - be proud and wear your medallry with pride :) X

  • Well done that woman! That's a fab time and even better considering you weren't feeeing 100%, the hold up and the hill things. What a bummer about forgetting to stop the Garmin. I've done that and it's so annoying. You get caught up in the excitement don't you.

    I love the medal. It makes me smile. Put your feet up and enjoy the rest of the day and make sure hubby spoils you.

  • Calm down, dear.............mmmmm........maybe I shouldn't have said that to you.....of all people, but I did mean it sincerely and in no way condescendingly. That is a good time for a hilly course and you know you can't get a PB on every race. Well done.

  • Well done on completing it in what sounds like a really good time.

  • :thumbsup:

  • That is a fab time!! I would love a sub 60 for 10km. All bling is good! i hope you had nice post race meal/treat.

  • Not stopped eating! I don't normally eat anything after a 10 k though. I did lose 907 calories so it's not surprising that you feel the need to shovel food down. I did eat sensible food though. There were no side stalls and scran vans at today's event

  • Well done. That's no mean time for the 10k.

  • Well done Miss W! Glad your cold didn't stop you from taking part. I'd be ecstatic with that time - in fact, I'd be delighted to run 10k!

  • Well done Miss W, that time is not to be sneezed at ha ha :-D

    I like that medal, its different, bling is bling . Another one to the collection !

    Chill out now Missus :-) xxx

  • Wow well done Miss W!!I would be extremely pleased with that time...well actually extremely pleased with everything,including non turning off of garmin lol!!! You give me great encouragement that one day I will manage 10k....I rather like the medal😊

  • Well done! Brilliant!!! And excellent time!! Stuff of dreams for me!! And don't complain!! At least you got a medal!!!! I'm googling how to make one now after being medal less last night!!!! Xx

  • You're a tiger! What a brilliant performance MW - you should be pleased with sub 56. Amazeballs. I always knew that your 50's were the new 30's!!

    Congratulations once again. And you're right - the medal is HIDEOUS!

  • Hilly 10k sub 60 is impressive enough. 55 with delays is Monster Monster!

  • PB's are for when you are not suffering a pre race cold! So jealous that you actually ran a 10k in such a fab time. Please don't be hard on yourself, no such thing a s a bad run........lots of yummy treats tonight and a hot bath.

  • Wow, thats amazing, well done MissW! Such a great time in not so great conditions, congratulations!

  • 55:33???? I say bloody hell on your time! Wow! I wish I could run at that pace! Congratulations!!

  • Flipping heck you are so fast woman, I am in awe completely, well done you xx

  • Fantastic MW!!! A bloody good time too! Shame about the Garmin but I love your medal! Bet you feel great now- treat yourself to something very chocolatey!! Congratulaions!! x

  • Well done! A sub 60min 10k, very impressive! (Esp given I'm 30 and haven't even managed a sub 30min 5k yet!) :)

  • Fantastic MW. Shame about the tech but a great run all the same and good pace.

  • Fantastically well done MissW, that's a hell of a time for a lady who was ill in the days immediately before the race!! Actually that's a hell of a time for anyone, fit or otherwise :) And.....46min?? 46minutes!! I didn't realise bloomin' WonderWoman was a big supporter of the Scouts.

  • Well done indeed Miss W, logjammed starts, hills and colds notwithstanding, that is a very good time. Will you wear the bling to a bad taste party? ;-)

  • Oh well done you. What an amazing achievement, presumably you'd have achieved your time but for the log jam. You're a real star. 55 mins running - Wow.

  • That is awesome MissW, well done on that time, especially in view of your cold, log jams etc. Thumbs up to you! x :-)

  • excellent work miss wobble! thats a really fast time, you should be very pleased with yourself, i've not got to a sub 60 yet, 4 nad a half mins off is AMAZING!! Another medal for the collection, any bling is great! (obviously not as tasteful as some you own!!!) :)

  • Wow, wow , wow!!! Blimin eck, I've turned in to Kate Bush 😱

  • Un - be- liev - able :-D xxx

  • I can only wish for a 10K time like that!!! :) I am doing my first "official" 10K race on 22 March - totally flat course ( except for a bridge) -- BUT it will be around 28C at the start and possibly around 23C dewpoint -- so it is going to be TOUGH!!! If I can do it in 1hour 10 mins I will be very happy!

  • Brilliant tags

    Horrendous medal

    Excellent time

    Well done

  • Well done MW, I have my first 10k in May and don't think I'll get under 1:10. I'd take 55:33 any day! :)

  • Absolutely Ali! The medal you made me is THE best ever

  • Congratulations, that sounds like an amazing time to me! Very well done

  • Great time MW, well done. You are, as Dan rightly says, a tiger :)

  • Ancientmum i am doing another run in May for another local scout troop. I like these smaller affairs that support local folks. You can generally just pitch up and run with no hassle getting there. I will probably walk across the fields to get there if it's a nice morning. There is to be a cake stall and bacon sarnis. Wohoo! Oh, and MEDALS!

  • That's a brilliant time, wish I could get anywhere near! Good on yer!

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