Gary or Tommy?

Gary or Tommy?

New 5K PB after Bazza's brilliant article on running faster. I downloaded a 180 bpm metronome recording into itunes and spliced one minutes worth of it between each of the tunes on my playlist - got me fair buzzin' along it did. Couldn't actually find any songs in my music that were 180 bpm except a tune by 'Fun' that always gets me skipping along like a demented dervish!

So I've decided I might not wait for the new Apple iWatch as it doesn't seem to have built in GPS and you'd still have to take your phone on a run... which I don't want to do because there's nothing worse than having to answer calls while running - people seem to think I am about to have a heart attack! SO what should I ask Running Santa for? A Gary Garmin or a Tom Thomas - most people seem to have Garmin's and I just wondered if anyone had feedback on the TOM TOM's - Just a relatively simple model is what I'm after - no HR monitors (I always become convinced my heart is going to blow up even though I feel fine) or moon phases or details of when my shoe leather needs replacing, just gps, splits and the phone number of the attractive runner with the ponytail who keeps overtaking me...

Other than my first car satnav being a TOM TOM and ending up going down one way streets the wrong way I know nought about them! I don't even know if I really want a GPS watch except that it will make me look cool obviously - I kind of find runs seem harder and longer when I'm counting off the kilo's, but then again it may help me to pace myself better or indeed help me find my way home or I could just draw/run pretty pictures :))

Run on and on People :)


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24 Replies

  • Whoa are you in San Francisco ??? Are you wearing flowers in your hair ? :-) xxx

  • No Poppers I am in Southport UK/London England this week - the map is for illustrative purposes only. And obviously I am wearing flowers in my hair - who doesn't? I have only been to San Francisco once - I could not run there as it is too hilly, silly - and also because I was not a RUNNER at the time like wot I is nowadays. Happy Wednesday Poppers :) xxx

    PS - YOU haven't answered the question...

  • Ha ha Oh what a twit I am :-)

    I thought, I know you have been increasing your distances , but that's ridiculous ! Either that or you had gone all Zen Baby on us and buggered off to San Fran to " find yourself " :-)

    As to the answer to your question, I don't know the answer , give us a clue .....

    The flowers look lovely btw Runon, you should enter yourself into the Southport Flower Show , you would walk it , or run it, whatever flops yer mop :-)

    Whatever you decide to go for, I hope you will be very happy together :-) xxx

  • Oh Pops - I'm sure I could run to SanFran if I really really tried. I shall definitely enter myself in the Flower Show - indeed I shall suggest a Flower Show Run - yes I see lots of petals and the like mmmm - :) xxx

  • Ha ha yes fab ! And it could double up in the Easter Bonnet Parade !

    Oh yes, you've got this well sussed , I can tell ....

    Great idea Runon :-) xxx

  • I have a Garmin FR220, which will be more data/functions than what you are after. I would look at the FR10 or the FR15 which should suit you.

    My experiences of Garmin have been pretty good and I love mine. I have heard that their customer service (should there be a problem) however is awful.

    I have no experience of Tom Tom at all, but I have heard that their customer service (for Sat Nav's) is awful too.

    The fact that most people seem to have Garmins and I have never heard anyone mention a TomTom GPS watch before may be a telling sign.

    There is a post on here from about a week ago where somone bought their Garmin using Tescos points, so if you shop there you could get a bargain. May be worth a look.

  • Thank you dear Maysie1 - The telling sign thing could indeed be telling but how appalling that both companies have such allegedly awful customer service... do they not know who we are???!!! :))

  • I too have Mr Garmin. A Forerunner 15, which is very simple to use, and the GPS works really well . I believe that the Forerunner 10 is virtually identical only without heart rate connectivitie.

    I have found Mr Garmin so agreeable that he now stays on my wrist all day as my normal telling time type Watch.

  • Ah thank you - Yes I suspect that I would be keeping on my wrist all day too - are they waterproof?

  • Yes very. You can swim with them on :)

  • Waterproof to 50metres

  • Hiya. Sorry can't help with the question (although I've just asked Father Christmas for a Garmin) but I'm intrigued by the app you downloaded. Can you give me more details please? (not sure how long ago the post you refer to was). Thanks

  • Bazza's article led me to this page,

    which has a link to a recording metronome at 180bps -

    So I took a playlist of my songs and inserted the metronome recording which is 180 bps between each song. Then I went out running - so it becomes like interval training - in that you up the pace to 180 for a minute between each song then run at a gentle pace for the songs themselves. I did it eight times between the songs and found that my pace was improving during the songs too. All in all it really helped to speed me up :) I also like this metronome as it has a louder first beat that helps me to keep the rhythm much better than the c25k+ podcast.

  • Thanks for this. I will give this a go.

  • Looks to me like a Garmin 620 or Garmin Forerunner 15 is the way to go. Anybody with a 620 simply raves about them - but they are expensive. OTH, I do also read good things about the FR15

  • Thanks for that Bazza - the 620 certainly looks pretty though it probably exceeds the needs of an olympic athlete - on the other hand the FR 15 looks pretty neat too and possibly more my standard - I'd still love to get some feedback on the ole Tom Tom's though - surely someone out there must have one :)) Well done on your Run Quiety article - some really useful links there. :)

  • I am also a bit intrigued by the Tom Tom -- they don't use a chest strap . although I don't really have a problem with chest straps for HRM's

    have you seen this website - it is about the best there is regarding running gadgets

  • Brilliant Bazza - I love gadgets :) What a fantastic site!!!

  • I would recommend getting Gary ( he's hot!) but maybe you would prefer a Gertrude ;)

    I don't rate the new iwatch. I have seen all the reviews ( my husband is an apple geek and is coveting his new iphone 6)... not sure about TOMMY...whatever you get make sure its hot!

  • I will always go for hot - (not 'hot' in the stolen sense obviously - I have an alibi) - Perhaps not Gertrude - I believe I have a washing machine called Gertrude and she will not fit on my wrist. A Jemima would be good or perhaps a Geraldine Garmin - definitely better than a Thomasina TomTom. I am becoming a little disillusioned with Apple after years of loyalty and am a little disappointed with my iphone 6 as it is too big to operate one handed - indeed it is a little like carrying a washing machine around!!!

  • I know...its ENORMOUS but my husband loves it as he can finally see it ( bad eyesight). He is glued to it constantly. What about 'Juicyjemima'?

  • Juicyjemima Jarmin it is - even if Puddle Ducks spring to mind - it can be so difficult finding names for gps watches these days - there should be a useful list of them - like the ones you can get for naming children... :) I can see a hole in the market here - tum-te-tum!

  • I have a Forerunner10, the Pink Peril. Very basic, only pace and elevation, but it's good enough for my needs. I contemplated something more bling for a while but decided i dIdnt need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones. If you get a Gary you can hook up with people on Garmin Connect ( in cyberspace, of course) ;)

  • Excellent idea - I like hooking up in cycberspace AM. I bet all those Tom Tom people are really lonely just having their drums to play with.

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