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It seems a bit pathetic to put a thank you note at the end of all the replies to my enquiry about how people found out about our obsession, so an additional post to say thank you and to draw some conclusions. It seems most came to C25k by way of Google, though the reasons for using it were varied. Others came via slimming programmes, one through a GP referral, and word of mouth also figured.

I wasn't aware of the poster, not surprisingly since I only succumbed to the programme less than eighteen months ago. It's certainly an eye-catcher, but it needs to be a bit bigger than my printer can manage to be easy to read. I'm sure that a number of us would pay for a larger version; perhaps local Kall Kwik or similar printing service could do the job. As well as doctors' surgeries, there are community notice boards in many locations that would be suitable sites for the posters.

I particularly liked Jingle_berry's response: 'I googled it in a weak moment '. It seems to express so well the way in which I, and I am sure many others, came to C25K. And now I'm stuck with it and the guilt that comes with missing a run.

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The bit about the guilt should definitely go on the poster 😊


But it's such a good type of guilt!

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