The Lomond Hills - stage 2

The Lomond Hills - stage 2

With the Great Trail Challenge only a month away, and with the goal of 20,000km for the C25K team on 5x50 due in only a week, I decided to do another trail run today. Yesterday, I had done the Saturday Parkrun (in yet another PB - I simply don't know where they keep coming from ...) and a second 5k. I'm feeling more comfortable with the 10k distance so I'm pretty sure I can do the 11k trail run. Except, of course, it's not exactly a cruise through the local park. It's up a flippin' great big hill. Or rather, two flippin' big hills.

A fortnight ago I took on Falkland Hill (the eastern of the two Lomond Hills here in Fife). That went well, so the next step in the "development plan" was to push further towards the West Lomond. My son is here from Australia for a couple of weeks and he came with me. We didn't run together - he stayed close to the East Lomond while I headed west. The car park at Craigmeade came in a bit quicker that I remembered last time, so that was good. I had picked up a little stone, so stopped to take that out before heading for the long uphill stage to the foot of the West Lomond itself. I planned to go to the 2.75 mile mark before turning back but, hey, when I looked at my tracker, the 5k mark was just a little bit further and I was feeling good. So yes, I did the full 5k uphill.

Now, those of you who can remember my blogs of a year ago will recall that I hated hills and would go a fair distance out of my way to avoid them. But I've come a long way since then and I feel I can eat hills for breakfast. Today just confirmed that you just need to take the right mental approach.

At the turn round, my time was almost bang on 30 minutes. Not bad considering the terrain ...

The good bit came as I started for home. It was, of course, downhill. YAHOO! 8 minute miles without any hassle. Until it was time to climb the East Lomond. As last time, it was impossible to keep running - although even climbing what seemed like the North Face of the Eiger, I did overtake a couple of hill walkers. YEEEES! Once at the top, stop for another "proof I did it" photo and it was a sprint down to the car park. A little discomfort, with the tiniest of blisters on the ball of my right foot. But not enough to worry me or slow me down ...

In fact, had I known my times, I would have tried just a bit harder. The full run came in at 10.19km, and the time was 60m 43s. I'm sure I could have broken that one hour time.

So where now? Well, the aim for the next outing up the Lomonds is to get to the very top of the Western peak. That would be two summits and 7.5 miles (12k). I guess if I can do that in the next couple of weeks, I'll be all set for the Great Trail Challenge. Heck - I felt good on today's run. I'm already set for it. I'm going to STONK it. I am, after all, the God of Hell Fire! (:->)

If anyone had told me this before I started couch, they would clearly have been an idiot! Isn't it amazing what we can achieve? Even if, like me, you started as a fat, unfit old git !


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13 Replies

  • Wow! To do a full 5k uphill and to achieve the 10k, near as damn it to one hour, is a massive achievement. You must be SO fit now!! Great photo. Hope your son is enjoying his visit over here.


  • Hi TJ - I wouldn't be doing these things if it wasn't for you and the others (but mainly you) encouraging me in the early months. You're just an amazing mentor - just look at what your 5x100 has done for us.

    As I keep saying (and I really mean it) I just don't understand how I can be doing these things. It can't be me. I'm not a runner. Every time I go to do a run, there's a really good reason not to and I ALWAYS struggle to get out the door. But once I get going, I just love it! It's all down to that little chimp on my shoulder - getting the better of it is wonderful. I just wish it would go away and stay away ... life would be so much easier.

  • Second the TJ inspiration along this journey :-)

  • Thank you Malcy!! Your kind words have made me blush! I know what you mean about not really believing that you are a runner because I'm the same..I think your chimp has a brother who sits on my shoulder! I have to stuff his mouth full of bananas to stop him talking to me.

  • Well done just doesn't seem enough Malcy but WELL DONE with all the bells and whistles on that you can imagine. :-)

  • For folks that don't know the terrain let me just say this is very impressive. I did the route that Malcy is describing as a walk last October and took a couple of hours!

    Malcy, you need to get yourself a polka dot top like the Tour de France - King of the Mountains :-)

  • You are definitely ready for the 11K trail, just reading about them hills made me go weak at the knees.

    Looks like the view may have helped with the inspiration, enjoy, looking forward to 20,000K and hearing about your trail run when you do it.

  • Wow Malcy! Fantastic times and running up hills for 5k!!!! I am in awe of you! And of TJ and Phil and Pastyman and Swanscot and so many others on these blogs! :-)

    All of your achievements make me think I must find challenges to encourage me to continue on my fitness journey; I am so going to miss 5x50 when it's over! But then I remember how far I have come since starting C25K and will just enjoy my running, keep plugging on at my 5k times, and carry on getting fitter! :-)

  • That's the key - enjoy doing it. And, as they say, variety makes the heart grow fonder. Mixin' & matchin' - find new ways of doing the same thing, but just using the novelty to help push a little bit further or quicker. Oh yes - and telling that chimp on your shoulder to get back in his cage, because no matter what it says, you CAN do what you set your mind to doing. But then, as a grad, you already know that, don't you?

    Last night I decided that by the end of the summer, my Parkrun time will be 20 mins and x seconds. Right now, that sounds preposterous. But it gives me something to aim for. If I don't make it, my times will at least be better than if I don't try at all.

    So that's my approach. I guess it won't suit everybody but "reaching for the stars" can't do any harm, can it? Gosh - listen to me. I don't half talk airy fairy tosh sometimes ... (:->) But it seems to have worked well for me so far!

  • You really are inspiring, Malcy! Go, go, go, God of Hell Fire! :D

    We really don't know what we can do until we try. :)

  • Great blog, Malcy and a fantastic achievement! :)

  • Great run, Malcy. That's a brilliant timing for that route! :-)

    I wish I could run up hills so effortlessly, since we've got so many here. :-)

  • The God of Hell Fire can do ANYTHING, you rock! As Phil says, you definitely seem ready for the 11K trail! :)

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