New to this and need motivation 😃

Hi there, Im 40 and haven't done much exercise over the last 12 years, since I've been busy looking after and raising my boys.I am on week 3 day 2, and wondering if I'm going to cope with the next jump of running. It seems to jump up quite quickly from now on. Does everyone else feel like the are going to die at the end of each running bit? Or is it just me😂👍


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  • If you feel like that you need to go at a slower pace. Just slow it right back - you will feel better and enjoy it more :-)

  • You don't HAVE to move on each week - if you feel like repeating a week for whatever reason, do so! Make the rest of your life a Marathon - not a sprint!! :)

  • You can do this just take your time and go nice and steady x

  • Good advice here. slow down if need be and repeat weeks if need be. as Bazza says it's a marathon. I'm 60 with more miles on the clock and yes my muscles ache still but not as much as when I started. the benefits are enormous. Lost 10lb in the 9 weeks and am now running a bit faster and a bit longer. My incentive is to ensure I do not spend rest of life on medication. Was borderline diabetic with high blood pressure. When my legs ache I say to myself "Your legs ached last time you ran. So what's the difference now. Don't be a wuss" There is a lot worse pain you can have than aching limbs. The feeling of having achieved something you didn't think you could do is great. stick with it the benefits far outweigh a few aching limbs. Also having your ego stroked by those who say "you've lost weight" and "you look great" all help !

  • I thought I was going to die after every running segment and swore out loud when it was the end of each walk when the run seemed to come round so soon. If it's really hard, slow down a bit and, as suggested, you can always redo some of the runs or do them 4 times instead of 3. It does get easier and just think how far you've already progressed. Each run is a step closer and you can do it. Good luck and keep coming here for motivation.

  • You are not alone!! Yes, I felt like that too, right up until week 5 when I joined this forum and was told to SLOW DOWN! :) Honestly, even if you think you're going slower than Slow McSlow, you can go slower and finish your runs tired out but not gasping and feeling like your legs are going to explode! Good luck with the next run and keep posting and let us all know how you're getting on :)

  • Take it slow and steady and you will get there :) I had to repeat several segments several times on my journey to graduation. The hardest thing of all, believe it or not, is to train your body to 'Slow Down...then slow down some more' when it get truly horrendously tough during your run :) Trust the programme, read as many posts on this Forum as you can and take it slow and steady - you are NOT 'terminally unique' and we are all in this together. There are 'practice' days and 'success' days but any day you put on your running shoes instead of your bottom on the couch is definitely NOT a 'fail' day :)

    You will get there, I promise :)

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