First time on here and need some motivation and advice!!

I COMPLETED MY 30 mins of continuous running at week 8. Felt really elated, carried on to week 9 then a small op has forced me to stop running for the past 3 weeks:((( I need to get going again tomorrow now I'm recovered but I'm worried I'll feel awful having to go backwards. Also worried it will feel like starting from scratch. Any advice on which week to restart on? I would be very grateful if anyone could take a minute to reply:) yours sincerely, a demotivated 40 year old!


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  • Hello Fi and welcome. Three weeks isn't very long for a break and I don't think it'll be like starting from scratch. Perhaps start with one of the interval runs eg 10mins + 10mins from the earlier weeks and see how that feels. That's just my suggestion based on absolutely no experience of post-op running however - I'm sure there are people on the forum who could answer with a lot more authority. Though I would confidently say make sure you're completely healed, however minor the op was, and take it easy!

  • Thank you turbo tortoise, your reply has really encouraged me and I will do just that tomorrow. Cant remember which week was 10 min then 10 so will have. Scroll through. Time to reintroduce myself to Laura, hope she goes easy on me:) thank you once again, I feel like I'm back in the world of running:)

  • I think 10+10 is one of the week 6 runs.

    Have you spoken to your surgeon about running? Have you been given the all clear to run? Please don't do yourself an injury, you'll put back your recovery more if you run too early or too far than if you wait until the all clear.

    From what I remember W1R1 is 3x5 mins, W5R2 is 2x8 mins.

    Just found the written instructions here

  • Hi beads, many thanks for that, yes I have the all clear so ok to go. I'm on a treadmill which I think makes the whole thing easier so fingers crossed:)

  • There are many of us that have breaks from running for some reason or other but its amazing how well the body maintains its fitness levels. Why don't you just go out there and see how long your can run for, take it very slowly and steady. If you can only do 10 minutes take a walking break and pick it up again after 2 - 3 minutes. You may however be very pleasantly surprised and manage 20 minutes or more. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Hello old girl, fab advice and exactly what my husband suggested! You're right, if I need to walk for a couple of minutes then I should do so (guilt free!). I'll let you know how long I manage tomorrow:)))

  • Ps old girl, how do you get 'graduate' to appear under your name? Feel I should acknowledge it:)

  • Go to Pinned Posts on right hand side and just below it is a heading 'Need your Badge?' send them a message and they will afix badge to your name. Good luck for tomorrow.

  • Another big thank you:)

  • I took 4 weeks out because of a foot injury, I cross trained in the gym for that month, but still it's been hard getting back in to it. I'm sticking with it though.

  • Well after 3 weeks out, very apprehensive but I eventually decided to opt for starting at week 6 run 1. ( 5 run 3 walk, 8 run, 3walk 5 run). I completed it I could definitely feel that I was out of shape. I have to say I'm glad I opted to stick to Laura's structure to help me keep pace, and having completed it, I'm not sure whether to do tte next two runs of week 6 (20 mins of running) or stick to run 1 all week. I'm trying to convince myself I did well completing it after a 3 week gap but can't help feeling a little deflated having to rewind 3 weeks.

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