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W7R3 Completed

W7R3 Completed

Bit more challenging run today. I've done all my runs so far on flat tarmac/pavements,but today myself and family went to the Offchurch Greenway with the dog and i took the chance to do my last run of week 7. but his track is a bit up and down with a rough surface and a bit along a narrow rough canal towpath. On the way back i was defeated by a very steep uphill gradient so had to walk for about 5 mins but i did an extra 5 mins run at the end to make up for it it was a nice warm day and i did work up a bit of a sweat so i felt i'd had a good workout.Ready to move on to Week 8 now. see photo (that's my thumb over the camera lens lol)

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Well done! It's hard when you change surfaces. Another few minutes to add on for week 8 and then you're in graduation week! (Time flies when you're having fun) ;)


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